Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I'm Back

Just thought I'd let you all know I'm back on line again.  My computer went kaput a week or more back; I was just sitting there, looking at a website (a quite respectable BBC one, before you get any ideas!), when the screen went completely black and the computer shut down.  I tried switching it back on several times, but it wasn't having it for more than a few seconds - I thought maybe the fan had gone and it had overheated, but no, still wouldn't switch on the following morning.  So it meant a quick phone call to my techy friend and then having to wait until he was able to come round and take a look at it.  As he suspected, it turned out the power pack in the "tower" had gone, but it wasn't a difficult job for him to replace it with a new one - and a lot cheaper than a whole new computer would've been .... whew!!!!

It was very strange being without a computer for so many days, but I did at least get some early nights (I'm guilty of being a real night owl staying up till all hours, which can't be good for me), so I'm hoping to keep that good habit up now.  But by the time my computer was fixed, I was quite glad because I was beginning to wonder what I'd been missing out on and seeing what everyone else has been up to this past week or two.

I think I'm still catching up after the winter and having a couple of bouts of ill health through January, and my creative levels are pretty low at the moment.  In fact, I've only managed to create one page of an art journal so far.  The art journal project is one suggested by Ali in one of my online groups, where we are given "prompts" for each page, to follow if we want.  This is the first and only page I've managed so far - the prompt for this was "Every Journey begins with a Single Step".

I think maybe it's time I took my own advice from this page - basically, stop thinking too much about what lies ahead and just get going!