Saturday, 15 March 2014

Spring is on its way .....

...... and it's finally giving a lift to my spirits.  After recent events, I haven't felt much like posting (not that there's been much to say anyway), but we're now having a few sunnier, warmer days and there's a definite air of positivity around.

Much of my time has been spent having a good sort out of all the stuff we've accrued over the years - paperwork that had long since outlived its usefulness, old CDs and books no longer wanted, drawers cleared and new space created within some of my bookshelves downstairs for me to house all the crafty paints, sprays and inks that I use when I'm having a "messy" session.  I have kept everything of Graham's that holds meaning and memories for me, but I've moved things around a little and added one or two pictures and a new table lamp, for instance, to make some changes.

I've adjusted to life on my own (with Mia for company of course!), although Max has found it far more difficult living away from home, mainly financially and also being driven mad by very messy housemates - he didn't realise how tidy a person he was till then! - so he's considering moving back home in a month or two - we shall see!

Moods have swung up and down naturally, in the post-Christmas weeks when we've had such awful weather - hurricane-like winds and endless rain and greyness - I've had times when I've just felt that I've run out of steam and everything's been an effort, but I'm finding myself looking forward much more now as we head towards brighter days and taking all the positives I can from life.

The last couple of weeks I've been to and fro to the vets with Mia - four times in all, with which she has NOT been impressed - she started to know when a trip was due even though I hadn't behaved any differently and by the fourth time she was hiding behind the settee and tv, so we almost missed the appointment.  First visit was for her yearly booster jab, second (the biggy) to have some more teeth removed (she had some out a couple of years back - Siamese cats can be prone to problems with their teeth) and the second/third visits for check-ups and antibiotics - she's absolutely fine now, lively and mischievous as ever, but looking a little bit odd at the moment due to her shaved leg and chest!  

Here's a photo (not as bright as I'd 've liked) of my latest bunch of flowers - purple irises and carnations, more yellowy than they look in this picture - they looked lovely together anyway.  When Graham was finally diagnosed with his illness back last spring, he asked if we could have a vase of flowers on display in the living room all the time - which I made sure happened as it lifted his spirits at the time and so I have continued to always have some flowers in the home from that time onwards.  They make me feel happy.

 I thought I'd show you photos too of a couple of things that Lindsay created for me for Christmas ......

The first is a "folksy" garland made out of various fabrics, including a pussy cat (!), with plaited strips and ribbons - I love it and I still have it draped across my mirror, as you can see - it's a great temptation for Mia though as she regularly stretches up and tries to catch all the dangly bits!

The second item is this cute owl made from felt pieces and, again, he's still on display - I've told Lindsay I'd like another garland with a more summery feel to it and that she should make some more for her Etsy shop, I'm sure they'd be popular!

Now here's a new fruit that I tried for the first time the other day - a custard apple - unusual but quite a pleasant "vanillary" taste.

Not been doing much crafting, apart from a little art journalling - plan on doing more soon - and knitting. Latest projects, a chunky sweater (by the time I've finished it it'll be too warm to wear it) and a pair of socks in gorgeous deep purples (much more intense than the photo implies) - Lindsay gave me this sock yarn as a Christmas gift - so I'm looking forward to being able to wear them soon.

So what have I got planned for the next few weeks/months? Lunch with some old friends, haven't seen them for years, next Thursday and then three theatre trips planned during Aprill and May - we're lucky in Blackpool to have the wonderful old music hall, The Grand Theatre, which puts on a variety of productions throughout the year.  I've also recently been told I have diabetes, but that I should be able to manage it with a good, balanced diet and more exercise - I always like a challenge and a goal to work towards so I shall be doing my best to stick to good food (luckily I don't have a sweet tooth so not eating cakes, biscuits, sweets is no hardship for me - unfortunately I do like things like mayo so that may be a little harder to control).  I'm also thinking about joining an aerobics class at the swimming pool in the local sports centre, on the recommendation of a friend who goes there regularly (and who also has diabetes), who reckons it's a great form of exercise.  Just got to get a swimming costume first though!

So - it's onwards and upwards for me right now - life is full of endless possibilities and I've decided that it has to be grasped with both hands, don't waste any of it.  Time to sign off now though and go make myself a "healthy" lunch involving some mackerel!