Friday, 24 September 2010

Just a Little Reminder .....

...... to say that the Glitter Swap ATCs are due to me by next Thursday, 30th September.  There's still time to join in this swap if any of you are still thinking about whether to or not.  Next month I'm hoping to post details of a new swap with a Christmassy theme (sorry to bring Christmas up in September!) - it will be separate to the regular monthly swap - so I hope some of you will be interested in joining that one.  All I'll say now is that it won't be ATCs.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Lindsay's Matchbox Shrine Workshop

On Saturday I made the trip over to Oswaldtwistle once again to attend one of Lindsay's workshops at the Dawn Bibby Studio/Topaz Crafts and also to hand-deliver some of the "grunge" books to those 'girls' who were going to be there too.  In fact, I was the last to arrive as they were already hard at work decorating mirrors in Lindsay's first workshop of the day.  Still, it gave me a chance to browse round the shop and pick up a few Rangers products whilst it was quiet. 
 These are the two matchbox shrines that Lindsay had created as projects for this Workshop

 After a bit of a hectic half-hour to tidy up and set out everything for the afternoon workshop, we all set to work trying to concentrate on making our matchbox shrines (I wasn't the best pupil, in fact I should probably have ended up in the 'naughty corner' because I had to keep asking "please miss" questions of Lindsay due to lack of focus and thinking I'd missed some instructions - honestly, I really think I was away with the fairies on Saturday, my mind was all over the place *LOL*)!  Still, I did manage to get most of my shrine finished, just got a few bits and pieces to add to the front and put a backing on it and I'll be able to hang it on the wall with other pieces of art I've received or made. 

My shrine - a work in progress!

Of course, we took much longer than anticipated working on this larger shrine, even though Lindsay had a second smaller shrine for us to make too ...... everyone jotted down notes so that they could recreate it at home if they wanted to.
It was lovely to meet up with everyone again - Joanne, She, Gez, Elaine, Chris - even though we didn't get a lot of time to natter ... and also meet Sioux (Artyjen) for the first time (sorry we didn't get more of a chance to talk)!  We did all get to swap ATCs and I came home with a bunch of gorgeous cards and I think everyone liked their grunge books too.

 Lindsay modelling her pink & black furry slippers
(comfort is all when you're standing around all day)!!!!

Joanne, Sioux and Gez hard at work

Joanne, Sioux, Gez and She - just look at the concentration on their faces!

Here's everyone looking very happy with all their day's work!

A gorgeous set of "Alice in Wonderland" ATCs that She gave to me,
(all contained in a beautiful ATC tin)

ATCs I received from Chris, Sioux, Joanne (top row)
and Gez and She (bottom row)

 These were from Joanne too
(love the flower on that ATC - I'd really like to know how to make it)!

By the time I got home again I was really tired (I think we all were) and not fit for much besides putting my feet up in front of the tv, but it had been a good day out (of course)!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

What the Court Decided ......

I can't believe how quickly the days are flying by and now we are very definitely into autumn, just this past week I've noticed all the yellow-brown leaves swirling around on the ground as they drop from the trees.  Actually, this is one of my favourite times of year ... there's a particular fresh feel to the air, especially early in the morning, and the light takes on a certain golden glow in the early evening (when it's not raining that is!).

So ..... we had a letter this morning to let us know what happened to the teenager who attacked Graham (he was in court on Monday) and as we suspected, as Graham says, he just got away with a "slap on the wrist".  Basically he received (1) a Rehabilitation Order with a supervision requirement for 12 months (this means he has to visit probation several times while they decide how best to rehabilitate him); (2) a Curfew Order from 9pm to 8am for 28 days (hmm, fat lot of use that is - four weeks! AND don't forget, he committed the offence at 4.30pm in the afternoon!); (3) an Activity Requirement for 28 days (this is some kind of community work that probation decides he has to do); and (4) £30 Compensation for Graham (which this youth is supposed to pay, contributing a bit at a time, and Graham won't receive it till it's all paid - so you can bet that'll be a long time coming!)

It's all a bit of a joke really, isn't it?  And of course, just to add insult to injury, he can appeal if he thinks the sentence is too severe but the victim can't appeal if he thinks it isn't severe enough!  But that's the law for you - and the police are just as frustrated too, they put all the effort in bringing these "yobs" to court and then it all gets watered down by the "do-gooders".  It's really not much punishment at all, but we mustn't criminilise the little darlings, must we? ..... (that was the cry at Social Services when I worked in one of their children's homes).  So, anyhow, that's an end to it now and Graham just wants to put the whole thing behind him and bring closure to it.

I'll be at Oswaldtwistle on Saturday for Lindsay's Matchbox Shrine workshop at Topaz Crafts/DB Studio and will be bringing some of the grunge books with me for those of you who'll be there as well .... the rest are being posted out on Friday. 

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Grunge Book Update

Just to let all those taking part in the grunge book swap know that I've now received everyone's pages - and what a wonderful lot of pages they are too!  What a job I'm going to have sorting them all out into books (81 of them - pages, that is)!  I've been working on the covers this week and I'll be setting aside a few hours over the next few days to put all the books together - I really can't wait to see what they all look like.  Some I'll be delivering by hand when I come over to Oswaldtwistle next weekend (18th Sept) for Lindsay's latest workshop at the Dawn Bibby Studio/Topaz Crafts and the others I hope to post out after the weekend (so keep a watch out for your postmen delivering some goodies next week) ..... :o)

I also just found out that some of my emails weren't being delivered, for whatever reason, so if you've sent me an email and not had a response - that's the reason why and NOT that I was ignoring anyone!  Suze, I know you left a comment to say you received the seaside atcs - yes, I did get your email and replied, but that's one that apparently just vapourised into cyberspace - grrr!!!

For anyone who's been wondering, the teenager who attacked Graham appeared at the youth court last week but his case has been adjourned until next Monday (13th Sept) at the magistrates' court, pending more reports from Social Services, etc - I hope this doesn't mean there are some "do-gooders" there trying to come up with justification for what he did (deprived childhood, etc, etc) - as my son says, lots of people have a bad start in life one way or another, but they don't all use it as an excuse for a life of violence or crime.

And finally, if anyone wants to join the "Glitter" ATC swap, there's still loads of time to play - just drop me an email to let me know and I'll sign you up!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


The "Seaside" ATCs have now all been swapped and posted out to everybody, some may even have reached their destinations today (thanks to everyone who joined in and sent such beautiful work), and it's time to post a new swap again.

I had a few different ideas floating around in my head for the theme this month, but this is the one I finally settled on ....... you can actually choose whatever theme you like for your cards, just so long as you really "glitz" them up with lots of sparkly bits, glitter, sequins, Beadazzles, shiny beads or threads ...... you get the idea!  Just have fun!  Usual "rules" apply - details in the sidebar under the "Object of Enchantment" ATC that I posted, just to give you all a little taste of the sort of card you could create - oh yes, for this swap, you are definitely allowed to go over the edges of the cards with your embellishments if you want to!

So ...... hope you all fancy having a go at this one - enjoy!