Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Grunge Book Update

Just to let all those taking part in the grunge book swap know that I've now received everyone's pages - and what a wonderful lot of pages they are too!  What a job I'm going to have sorting them all out into books (81 of them - pages, that is)!  I've been working on the covers this week and I'll be setting aside a few hours over the next few days to put all the books together - I really can't wait to see what they all look like.  Some I'll be delivering by hand when I come over to Oswaldtwistle next weekend (18th Sept) for Lindsay's latest workshop at the Dawn Bibby Studio/Topaz Crafts and the others I hope to post out after the weekend (so keep a watch out for your postmen delivering some goodies next week) ..... :o)

I also just found out that some of my emails weren't being delivered, for whatever reason, so if you've sent me an email and not had a response - that's the reason why and NOT that I was ignoring anyone!  Suze, I know you left a comment to say you received the seaside atcs - yes, I did get your email and replied, but that's one that apparently just vapourised into cyberspace - grrr!!!

For anyone who's been wondering, the teenager who attacked Graham appeared at the youth court last week but his case has been adjourned until next Monday (13th Sept) at the magistrates' court, pending more reports from Social Services, etc - I hope this doesn't mean there are some "do-gooders" there trying to come up with justification for what he did (deprived childhood, etc, etc) - as my son says, lots of people have a bad start in life one way or another, but they don't all use it as an excuse for a life of violence or crime.

And finally, if anyone wants to join the "Glitter" ATC swap, there's still loads of time to play - just drop me an email to let me know and I'll sign you up!


  1. Grunge book excitment has me all a quiver and I just can't wait to see all 9 but especially MINE.

    Luv Joanne xx

    X Mia

  2. me too Joanne - just can't wait !!!!!! Thanks so much Heather for all the hard work.

    Hope that lad gets his just desserts but I have my doubts !!!

    I'll be sending glitzy atc's

    Hugs Hilda