Monday, 20 September 2010

Lindsay's Matchbox Shrine Workshop

On Saturday I made the trip over to Oswaldtwistle once again to attend one of Lindsay's workshops at the Dawn Bibby Studio/Topaz Crafts and also to hand-deliver some of the "grunge" books to those 'girls' who were going to be there too.  In fact, I was the last to arrive as they were already hard at work decorating mirrors in Lindsay's first workshop of the day.  Still, it gave me a chance to browse round the shop and pick up a few Rangers products whilst it was quiet. 
 These are the two matchbox shrines that Lindsay had created as projects for this Workshop

 After a bit of a hectic half-hour to tidy up and set out everything for the afternoon workshop, we all set to work trying to concentrate on making our matchbox shrines (I wasn't the best pupil, in fact I should probably have ended up in the 'naughty corner' because I had to keep asking "please miss" questions of Lindsay due to lack of focus and thinking I'd missed some instructions - honestly, I really think I was away with the fairies on Saturday, my mind was all over the place *LOL*)!  Still, I did manage to get most of my shrine finished, just got a few bits and pieces to add to the front and put a backing on it and I'll be able to hang it on the wall with other pieces of art I've received or made. 

My shrine - a work in progress!

Of course, we took much longer than anticipated working on this larger shrine, even though Lindsay had a second smaller shrine for us to make too ...... everyone jotted down notes so that they could recreate it at home if they wanted to.
It was lovely to meet up with everyone again - Joanne, She, Gez, Elaine, Chris - even though we didn't get a lot of time to natter ... and also meet Sioux (Artyjen) for the first time (sorry we didn't get more of a chance to talk)!  We did all get to swap ATCs and I came home with a bunch of gorgeous cards and I think everyone liked their grunge books too.

 Lindsay modelling her pink & black furry slippers
(comfort is all when you're standing around all day)!!!!

Joanne, Sioux and Gez hard at work

Joanne, Sioux, Gez and She - just look at the concentration on their faces!

Here's everyone looking very happy with all their day's work!

A gorgeous set of "Alice in Wonderland" ATCs that She gave to me,
(all contained in a beautiful ATC tin)

ATCs I received from Chris, Sioux, Joanne (top row)
and Gez and She (bottom row)

 These were from Joanne too
(love the flower on that ATC - I'd really like to know how to make it)!

By the time I got home again I was really tired (I think we all were) and not fit for much besides putting my feet up in front of the tv, but it had been a good day out (of course)!


  1. A day for the memoirs I think. I did miss a natter but know we can talk again. Your shrine is looking good too.
    Luv Joanne xx
    X Mia

  2. Hi Heather. It was lovely to see you again on Saturday and I LOVE my Book, thank you so much. I'm glad you like your ATCs. We had a fantastic day, didn't we? *Waves* to Joanne. Much Love S xxx

  3. ps........don't know quite what I was attempting to do in that photo?? But I was concentrating on something wasn't I? :-)S xx

  4. Thanks for sharing the workshop photos, Heather - the results were great. Just wish I lived a bit closer as the workshops you go to always sound so interesting and different.

    Helen x

  5. Hi Heather goodness knows we all look so serious!! hehe.. shows we did work some of the time! ;) It was lovely to meet up again. Thank you for your beautiful Atc.xx Glad you had time of a little shopping. Your Shrine is looking fabulous. I must shape myself & try & join in the swap this month. Things a bit hectic here with my Dad falling. Nothing broken thankfully. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Best wishes, Gez.xx Ooh, thanks for finding the time to take some photographs for us. What a happy day so glad you could join us.xx