Friday, 24 September 2010

Just a Little Reminder .....

...... to say that the Glitter Swap ATCs are due to me by next Thursday, 30th September.  There's still time to join in this swap if any of you are still thinking about whether to or not.  Next month I'm hoping to post details of a new swap with a Christmassy theme (sorry to bring Christmas up in September!) - it will be separate to the regular monthly swap - so I hope some of you will be interested in joining that one.  All I'll say now is that it won't be ATCs.


  1. Sorry I've not had the chance to take part this month, Heather - it's been a busy few weeks.

    The Christmassy swap sounds good - never too early for me!!

    Helen x

  2. Oooh looking forward to that Heather x Hilda

  3. just moved from Lincoln to Beverley and able to catch up a bit. I'm intruiged by the Christmassy thingy, and you know I'll be joining in!!
    Luv Joanne xx
    X Mia