Wednesday, 26 August 2009

My First Blog Entry

Well, it's took me a long while but after being encouraged by everyone (mainly my sister!) I've finally created some kind of blog - I don't know that I've really got the hang of this yet, but here goes - bear with me, I'll probably need to do a lot of tweaking to the page before I'm happy with it, but at least it's HERE!

I've been creating jewellery and other beaded pieces for about ten years now and over the years have had some of my designs featured in magazines.  Now I'm about to be published with my own book, a Bead MasterCraft book, which features all sorts of projects (not just jewellery) using beads - the book is one of a series (my sister, Lindsay Mason, has authored the one on Stamping) and you can view details of them by visiting - the books will be available in craft shops or from Magmaker direct very soon.

I've been spending a lot of my free time lately creating artist trading cards and other "altered art/mixed media" pieces, mostly for swaps both in the UK and internationally.  I've received some wonderful artwork in return from fellow artists around the world.  I'm taking part in quite a few journal/chunky book round robin swaps at the moment too and I especially love these because it's so exciting to see what your own book looks like when it comes home to you again and to see what everyone else has done with it.  Well, I'm not sure yet if I've figured out how to add pics to my posts ...... if not now, I'll be sure to add some photos of my work soon as I can.


  1. At last! I'll post a link on my blog and you'll also see that I am your first official follower! Well done, though I bet you'll be altering ('scuse the pun!) your background soon to something more arty...I've still not figured out how to do that yet! Looking forward to seeing pics of your wonderful creations, Lindsay x

  2. Hello,
    I'm Sarah one of Lindsay and David's friend and partners in crime at Demo weekends!
    Lovely start to your blog, good luck with your book too, it sounds very exciting!
    Looking forward to seeing some of your beadwork on here,I'm going to a jewellery making class soon, sonething different from card making!
    Take Care
    Sarah xxx

  3. Hi Heather - I'm Julie, I did the Paper Punching book in the series.
    I'm so pleased you love mixed media - I'm totally addicted to it and find myself constantly "playing" with a new piece rather thab doing the designing, editing or whatever I'm supposed to be doing for Magmaker, and then ending up with a mad panic on my hands. As you can guess from my blog title I always put fibres of some sort into my work. I shall be posting the piece I've done for my textile group's challenge in a few days, so let me know what you think of it. Good luck with your new blog. Julie

  4. How great to see your blog. Lindsay told me about you at a recent demo weekend at Topaz. I look forward to seeing your many posts. :)

  5. A great Blog Heather and such stunning work. TFS

  6. Welcome to blogland! I'm sure you will get the hang of it all soon. Saw the post from Linsay and called over to wish you well.