Thursday, 2 December 2010


....... how's everyone doing in this freezing cold weather?  We've been lucky here not to have had any real snow (so far), just a few flakes, but it's definitely feeling Arctic with frozen and slippy pavements.  It was like an ice rink in our garden where water had frozen over the paving slabs.  I hope the rest of you are all keeping warm and safe, if you're surrounded by snow and finding it difficult to get out and about.  Wonder if we'll have another White Christmas this year?

I've now swapped out all the ATCs and Xmas Triptychs for the last swaps of the year and hopefully they'll all be posted out tomorrow.  Here are pics of the four Triptychs I received for the swap ..... aren't they lovely and all with a nostalgic Christmassy feel to them ......





As I mentioned in a previous post, I won't be running any swaps during December, but hopefully will come up with some new ones again after the New Year.   

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  1. Just popped on the computer to thank you for the ATCs. Haven't been too well this week, bad cold and now an irritating cough, feeling a lot better now.
    Three wonderful ATCs from Samantha, Sonia and Joanne. Many thanks ladies and for you Heather for your hard work.
    Happy Christmas everyone! I'll see you all in the New Year.