Friday, 21 January 2011


Thought it was about time I resurfaced now that we're well into the New Year and my apologies for being absent so long!  Thank you to everyone who sent such lovely handmade cards at Christmastime - I really do appreciate them all, especially as I'm very bad at cardmaking myself.

Before Christmas, with much trepidation, I visited the consultant at the Royal Preston Hospital for the results of my neck scan and electrical conduction tests on my arm ..... the good news is that I don't have to have an operation on my neck (which I'd been told previously might be the case and which I was really worried about).  The consultant did a few more tests and concluded that I appear to have radial nerve damage in my arm (hence my weak hand), but has sent me for more scans to try and locate the exact centre of the problem before coming to any decisions about treatment (or not)! 

Just before New Year I came down with a nasty cold which lingered for a week or so and then just after I got over that, last week I became really ill with an even nastier stomach bug which had me laid up in bed - I don't remember ever sleeping for so long or for so many days before - I struggled to eat anything and was left very weak and tired, I've never experienced anything like it before nor ever want to!  I only just started to feel back to normal yesterday; ventured into town today but noticed I was walking around more slowly than normal, so I think my energy levels are still not quite 100% yet!

Sooooo ........ I've not really felt like doing much at all since Christmas as I've been unwell most of the time.  And as I'm still having ongoing problems with my hand which means I'm struggling to grip things and it takes a lot longer to try and create anything, until it's sorted out, I'm pulling back from taking part in any swaps or doing much hosting.  I'm going to try and do a little art journalling for myself (Ali in one of my online groups is throwing out weekly prompts for journalling ideas so I'm going to go along with some of them when I can - but no pressure involved) and will post swaps/challenges on my blog as and when I'm able.

Be back again soon !!!


  1. I knew you were under the weather so have not bothered you. It's good to know you are on the mend and also that your hand probs aren't as bad as you feared. It will be good to have you back when you are ready.
    Hugs xxx
    XX Mia

  2. Good to see you Heather - hope the rest of the year is a healthier one for you - hugs Hilda

  3. Oh Heather, I hope you feel better soon and 2011 improves for you. Thinking of you xx Enjoy your Journaling. I love doing mine :-) S x

  4. Hi Heather. I hope you are feeling better too! There is something on my blog for you. love Kate xx