Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I'm the Ogre !

Poor little Mia!  Last week I took her along to the vet's for her annual "flu" vaccine and when the vet gave her a health checkup she spotted some problems with her teeth - gingivitis and at least one tooth which needed to come out - even though Mia is so young, it's a problem that can afflict some cats (especially Siamese and orientals) due to an allergy to plaque.  Mia wasn't exhibiting any signs of pain or problems eating and there was nothing wrong at her last check up, so we had no idea.

So yesterday I had to take her along and leave her at the vets all day (she was whisked off to the other surgery in nearby Kirkham where they have all the latest surgical equipment).  Of course we were worried all day, having an anaesthetic and everything, and I couldn't collect her till 4.30 pm.  She was fine, she'd been very nervous of course, but had had to have 3 teeth removed at the back - the rest were fine with a scale and polish. 

Unfortunately I've now become the Big Bad Ogre ..... one look at me and Mia just fled the room and stayed out of my way.  I think she's just about beginning to forgive me a bit today.  Only problem is I have to take her back to the vet's on Friday for a check up so I'll definitely be back in her bad books ...... oops !


  1. Oh! a monster mum. Poor little Mia. Will she need false teeth now??LOL I know how she feels too because Purdy, my first pusscat, had to have loads of hers out. We called her gummy but she managed. Toby's problems began after having his cleaned. That said, he was 16yrs old and although really fit, he was an old man by then. Little love will be fine and be all over you in a couple of days.
    Hugs Joanne xx

    XXXXXXX Mia (extras this time)

  2. Oh how I remember those looks! Hope Mia recovers soon and you are right back in her good books(tho' you might have to wait till at least SundayLOL) Love Chrisx