Monday, 20 February 2012

Just checking in .....

.... to say I'm still around, not quite hibernating as we've had a few sunny patches and blue skies mixed up with all this cold and windy weather.  My sister Lindsay is at the big Stitches trade show in Birmingham this weekend, demonstrating P.I. products and her new range of stamp designs, so we were again earlier in the week making more samples for her stand.  Here's a few photos of what we got up to:-

Here's Lindsay - in the frame!

Lindsay again, all smiles, painting this frame - ended up as a lovely "steampunk" piece
(check out her blog for a picture of it and other canvases/tags she made)

A messy-ish worktop - you can see some of the canvases I worked on (thankfully, you can't see me)!

Lindsay's "Terrible Two" weren't particularly impressed I'm afraid - here they are, looking rather disdainfully at the camera - wouldn't catch them getting their paws all covered with that yucky paint!



I'm still working on my journal pages for February, but will let you see what I've done with them as soon as they're finished.


  1. You nearly got it right Heather, Lindsay isn't at Stitches - working - she's nattering away, not doing much demo-ing and having FUN.!!LOL Her work space (which incidently is massive this year) looks amazing. The samples are so lovely and colourful making her booth stand out. Most folk, however, were asking about the shelf stamps.
    Hugs Joanne xx

    X Mia

  2. Oh, so the truth comes out now, doesn't it *LOL* !! All that working away making samples, just so Lindsay could have some FUN - ooh, wait till I see her ! Heather x

  3. Pop over to Crafting Buddies for a little surprise.
    Hugs Joanne xx