Tuesday, 24 April 2012

April Journalling ...... etc

I've been in trouble with Lindsay this week for not "blogging" for a while - guilty as charged, but the days just seem to fly by and merge into each other at the moment - so I thought I better do an up to date post, only to discover from reading Lindsay's blog last night that Blogger has changed (!) - as a result it looks like I'm going to have an almighty problem posting too, never mind uploading pics.  Everything has changed, the screen I'm using to type out my post is too small but is also covering up the Blog toolbar so it's making things very difficult.  Part of the trouble is because Blogger apparently no longer supports my Browser - so even more hassle.  Aagh, why do they have to go tinkering with everything all the time!!!!  Grr !!!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break.  Life was a bit more eventful than we'd wanted around that time though - we had a big leak in the bathroom which resulted in a cracked kitchen ceiling and lovely soapy water (courtesy of Max having a shower at the time) dripping down into the pan of eggs I was cooking at the time!  As a result (and due to the "cowboy" job done on our bathroom some years back) to find and cure the leak, our plumber had to remove the toilet in order to remove the fascia in order to remove the cupboard in order to remove the bath - what a job!  Thankfully, we were covered by insurance.  So now we are waiting on the plasterer coming (Thursday) to re-plaster the ceiling.  Will feel a lot happier then.

This is what the ceiling looks like at the moment!

I've been working on my journal pages for April and have found them quite challenging - they are the seven Chakras and I've created five so far (with much struggling, so I'm not altogether happy with them) - only two left to go.  Here are my five chakra pages (fingers crossed I can upload pics):-

Root Chakra
Sacral Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Heart Chakra

Throat Chakra

Typing this post has been an ordeal and I'm giving up on it for the time-being.  I may have to look at downloading another browser before I post again, what a pain this is!


  1. Just when we were talking yesterday about how much we hate changes and then Blogger gets changes beyond recognition - nightmare!!! And why is it never better? It's always a change for the worse!
    Glad you took me at my word anyway and persevered to post your Chakras...I think they look wonderful. My favourite is the Sacral Chakra...and it isn't even purple and blue! See you soon! Lindsay x x x

  2. Don't know what browser you are using at the mo but IE stopped playing ball on my home computer and one at work some time ago! I switched to google chrome and once I got used to it found it so much more co-operative ;) Your pages look just gorgeous ;)
    xoxo Sioux

  3. I love all your Chakras. Thank goodness you weren't going over them in the kitchen when the ceiling sprung a leak. It's weird about Blogger. I still use IE which Sioux has had a problem with. Having said that, both my blogs are different!!!!! Hope to see you soon and that sister of yours.
    Big hugs Joanne xx
    X Mia

  4. Hi Heather love the chakras (body one's best)and love all your journalling! xx