Monday, 8 July 2013

After 77 Years ......

......... Yes, at last, we have a British Wimbledon Men's Final Winner ! - Well done, Andy! - he said he tried to do his best - beating the No 1 Player in three straight sets in temperatures that at times reached 50 degrees centigrade counts as "doing your best" in my book !!!

Lindsay and I settled down to a fantastic afternoon of tennis, complete with an array of nibbles to keep us going, including the obligatory Robinsons Barley Water, Lambrini and a Strawberry/Lime flavoured Cider (as a nod to the strawberries and cream of Wimbledon fame - no real strawberries to be had anywhere *LOL*), and accompanied by much shouting, groaning, cheering and raised arms as Andy and Novak battled it out for the Title.

What a great match it was and what a well-deserved win it was too!



  1. What a great day indeed! A thrilling match to be remembered for a long, long time. Not quite sure why I look so excited to see BB on the screen, but just getting into the atmosphere!
    A mystery how they played in that heat though...I can hardly seem to do anything today without feeling overcome like a Victorian lady with the vapours! Scorchio! Lindsay x x x

  2. It sure was a great match! That picnic looks tasty! What a great idea. Weather forecast says hotter here tomorrow - don't think I can stand any more! Take care, Chrisxx