Sunday, 4 August 2013

My First Sunflower!

The nasturtiums and pansies in the tub of plants and bulbs that Lindsay gave us some while back have been flourishing gloriously for weeks now and have added a real splash of colour in our back yard.

The sunflower plants have been growing steadfastly upwards and I've been waiting patiently for the flowers themselves to arrive - finally I've been rewarded with the first happy sunflower - not your common or garden yellow, mind you (LOL) but this rich chocolatey-orange beauty ..... there are more flower heads starting to appear now and the other smaller "teddy bear" (I think they are) varieties are slowly starting to peek out too.  I do love sunflowers - they are such happy-looking plants with their faces ever-turned toward the sun.

This week Graham has to go into hospital for a couple of days for a biopsy test and procedure, it doesn't sound particularly pleasant, but has to be done in order to find out exactly what we're dealing with and what treatments if any can be given.  He's been suffering a lot more in the recent hot weather, so hopefully he'll feel a little better, breathe more easily, after this has been done.  Fingers crossed anyway! 


  1. Good to see that tub doing so well - the nasturtiums look better than mine blackfly!
    Graham will feel loads better after this op I'm sure, especially with the fresher weather too.
    Big hugs to you all, Lindsay x x x

  2. Gorgeous sunflower! I am still waiting for mine to flower - one looks as though it will wait till we go back home so I'll have to wait till next week to see it! Hope Graham is feeling better with the cooler weather and that the op does improve things too! Chrisx