Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A few weeks have passed now ......

...... since I last posted on the anniversary of Graham's death. Just been pottering along since then mostly, but for the past couple of weeks I've had a horrid cold that's been a bit stubborn to shift, it just dragged on and on, beginning with an innocuous sore throat, and despite dosing myself up with honey (to soothe my throat) and various cold remedies, it was determined to run its course (including a nasty 24-hour norovirus episode as well)!  So I spent most of the time "lolling around" on the sofa, catching up on TV programmes I'd recorded or doing a bit of knitting when the mood struck (creative and productive, but doesn't need too much thinking or imagination when my head's all fuzzy)!  

However, by this weekend I was feeling much better, much more energised again, and just as well because Monday night I went with Lindsay to the operatic production of "Madame Butterfly" at the Grand Theatre in Blackpool.  I'd bought tickets for us to see this back in July as part of Lindsay's birthday gifts - Lindsay is a huge fan of opera, but for me, it was a new experience, having never been before and not being particularly keen on opera myself.  Anyway, we began the evening with a delicious meal at Nando's, one of our favourite eating places, which is situated just opposite the theatre so we didn't have far to walk after we'd eaten! 

I went with an open mind, not really knowing what to expect. Lindsay absolutely loved the evening, teary-eyed all the way through, clapping and cheering along with the rest of the audience.  For myself, although I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful costumes and the scenic backdrops, and the Grand itself is a wonderful old building. I'm afraid I remained unmoved by the opera, music and singing itself - and despite my best efforts, have come to the conclusion that opera really just is not for me (sorry, Lindsay, I know I'm a Philistine in your eyes, but I really did try - give me a rock concert any day instead *LOL*) !  Well, at least I know now ......

When I uploaded these photos to my computer I noticed all the indoor shots in the Grand show a series of orbs - I know it's an old theatre, rumoured to be haunted, but I suspect these "orbs" are not of a ghostly nature but caused by condensation droplets (maybe) having come into a warm, dry atmosphere from a very wet and rainy night outside!  


  1. Mmm...when is an orb not an orb!!! ? ;)
    xoxo Sioux

  2. That's both of us with a first visit to an Opera! I haven't posted my experience yet - maybe tomorrow! It wasn't so much not enjoying it, more a preference to see a folk/rock/60's concert! Glad you are feeling better, Chrisx

  3. Great to hear you are feeling much better ♥