Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I've had a great response to the Witchy ATC swap, the number of people signed up means there are going to be some wonderful cards coming in - if you're still dithering about whether to join up or not, then I'd say jump in, have a go, have fun .... you don't want to miss out on this one.  I've had word that the first set of cards is finished and is on its way to me already ..... can't wait to see what they turn out like!  If you want to see some more that have been made for this swap, then check out my sister Lindsay's blog - she's just posted a pic of the scary witches she made over the weekend!

Just been doing a bit of this and that the past few days - came down with a cold for a couple of days so didn't feel up to doing very much, but on the mend now.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I was having a go at creating some zetti pages; I did the colourful backgrounds and the next instruction we were given was to add paper/magazine cutouts and images to the pages.  So I spent some time searching through my pile of papers torn from mags, etc, to find suitable pieces to stick onto the pages.  Here are some of what I did.  I'm not sure if I'm doing this right yet, but I'll find out when I get the next set of instructions next week!  They all look pretty strange at the moment, don't they?

I'm also working on a couple of board books - you can quite often pick up old children's board books in charity shops or at car boots.  I'm only just discovering how good they are to work on and alter.  Once you've prepared the surface of the pages - either by a lot of sandpapering to rough up the surface or, if you're lucky, the top layer of paper peels off easily - you cover them all with some gesso and then you can more or less throw anything you like at them - add papers, inks, paints, ribbons, embellishments, all sorts .... a lot of fun, especially if you find a book with little cutouts in it or odd shapes, lots more possibilities for altering!

In one of the board books I'm trying out different techniques, mostly with acrylic paints, torn paper strips, ink washes, gesso stamping and printed quotes .... again, this is another little challenge on one of my atc groups.  The other board book I'm working on is entitled "Paraphernalia" and each person in the swap suggested a page title - mine were "Fly Me to the Moon" and "Gothic Architecture", others included "Angel Shrine", "Seasons" and "A Very Extraordinary Queen" (12 titles in all).  The idea behind this swap is that we each work on our own board book, creating a page for each title, as well as decorating the front cover and putting our details on the back.  In November we will be told who our swap partner is and then post out the finished book to them as an early Christmas pressie!  I only just started decorating my book this week so I need to get a move on - here is a picture of the first couple of pages, I've added an extra flower now to the second page since I took the photo, and when the book is finished I'll probably go back through it and add more ribbons, fibres, charms to the pages.


And yes, the photo IS one of Lindsay and I when we were young!!!  Who knew what we'd turn out like?  *LOL*

Finally, for tonight, here is another Witchy ATC that I finished making today.  The ghostie glows in the dark!


  1. I love the ghosty ATC. When we were away the last few days I spent one night dreaming about making these ATCs, so much so, that I ended up having a nightmare and screaming. My husband had to wake me up!! How scary was that? Anyway, my printer has once again, drunk all its ink so I am going to try and get new cartridges after my physio today and have a go. I'll just sign up now. xxxxxx

  2. Oops, sorry Joanne, didn't mean to give you nightmares!! Glad you've decided to join the swap, I'm sure you'll make some wonderful witchy cards (inspired by your dreams perhaps)???