Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A Little Bit of "Eye Candy" !

Okay, so as requested, here are some of my beaded jewellery pieces.  As you can see, I have a particular love of using semi-precious stone cabochons, agates, crystals and pearls in my work.

This necklace has a piece of nephrite jade for the centrepiece, with a spiral ladder strap and a few "dangles".  I added rows of beads across the front of the stone for both decoration and added security. 

Turquoise is one of my favourite colours so I really loved the way this piece turned out.  I surrounded an agate slice with rows of peyote stitched beadwork, added lots of branched fringing (to give the effect of seaweed) and a soapstone dolphin across the front of the agate piece.  The strap is a double spiral ladder, with a mermaid shaped fastener, and the agate pendant can be slid off the necklace giving you two alternative looks.

The next two pieces of jewellery were created around one of my absolute favourite stones, Ocean Jasper, which is mostly if not solely found in the waters off the coast of Madagascar.  It has a wonderful dreamy quality to it. 

The first of the pics shows an ocean jasper cabochon enclosed in beads with chunky peyote spiral straps.  I used matte metallic bronze, olive and cream beads in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as some bronze potato pearls, to create this piece.  It's very comfortable to wear.

The second piece is called "Sea Breeze" and I created this piece a few years ago for one of the themed display boards that accompany The Beadworkers Guild stand at various craft and bead fairs around the country.  I chose a gorgeous slightly irregular-shaped piece of ocean jasper for the centrepiece - it has an almost hypnotic quality about it and it made me think of lapping ocean waves against a shell-strewn shoreline, very peaceful, it's quite a meditative piece and one of my personal favourites.  I've used mother-of-pearl chips and a couple of jade beads as well as seed beads in a range of sizes, creating an assymetrical look by the use of a variety of spirals.

The last necklace I'm posting a pic of tonight is this purple-maroon agate stone.  I made the strap for this first, using a string of glass pearl beads, which were completely netted over with Delica beads, when I was away on a "beady" weekend at Alston Hall, Longridge.  When I returned home I had a root through my stash and came across this agate which perfectly matched the colours I'd used to make the netted strap, so of course it had to form the centre of the pendant.  I added a fringe of dagger drops and embellished the top of the pendant with lots of glass flowers.

Well, I hope you liked this glimpse of "eye candy" and I'll post more another time. 


  1. These are gorgeous Heather - You are so talented!
    Give us some more eye candy soon - pleeeease!

  2. Well, after the disappointment of finding no pictures of scantily clad, hunky men in your eye candy (!), I can only say that these are fabulous - though I know that they look even more so in real life. Gorgeous. Are there any necklaces with fish in them? I only ask because I was surprised to see "potatoes" and "chips" included in these!!! Lol! More pics please, Lindsay x

  3. OMG!! I just don't have the words worthy of these pieces. What a talent you have. Royalty would be honoured to wear any of these utterly incredible masterpieces. Unbelievable work. xxxxxxxxx

  4. These pieces are fabulous, you sure are a very talented Lady, look forward to seeing more of your work !!!!!!

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments, everyone - I promise to post more pics when I can! Sorry to disappoint you, Lindsay - if you want to see some "vintage" hunks, head on over to Val's "The Sum of All Crafts" blog (link in sidebar) and scroll through her archive posts! *LOL* - best I can do at the moment is the dolphin and I know that isn't really a fish !

  6. Beautiful beading. So intricate. Stunning.

  7. LOL I have David Tennant as my eye candy on my blog, he is not as amazing as these works of art though. Gosh it must take you days to get them made. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.
    I saw them the other day then the computer has had issues so couldn't comment.
    Thnaks again for showing us your Eye Candy. Love Hazelxox

  8. Beautiful beadwork Heather.