Thursday, 29 October 2009

Introducing "Mia" - Positive Vibes Please!

So ...... I arrived home from the theatre about quarter-to-eleven to find we had a new little creature in the house, not entirely unexpected but still a surprise/shock.  Background is that several weeks ago our son, Max, and his girlfriend had begun to wear us down about having a kitten - a litter of kittens was available (we hadn't been able to view any of them though) but it was one in particular (the smallest) that they had fallen for.  I wasn't too keen at the time because of our old cat, Baxter - he was never fond of other male cats and I wanted him to enjoy the remaining time he had being the "one and only", not sharing attention.  However, Baxter had been fond of the little female we'd also had, they'd both come to us within a fortnight of each other ...... so then Max found out that the kitten was a female and we began to wonder if Baxter would like a little female company after all, maybe he'd enjoy it, but I still wasn't totally convinced.

Of course, then fate stepped in and we lost our Baxter last week; and then the kittens were ready to go and Max brought this little one home whilst I was at the theatre.  It seemed it was meant to be - we miss all our animals, not least Baxter, but at the same time we couldn't say "no" to a little animal that needs a new loving home.  Well, yes, we knew she was the "runt" of the litter (all the others were spoken for), smaller than the rest, but oh my goodness ...... she is tiny!  10 weeks old and only half the weight she should be!  Part-Siamese, big blue eyes, big "bat" ears.  Took her to the vets the next day for a check-up - ointment for a spot of conjunctivitis, no obvious signs of ill-health, except for the growth thing - seems like all the other kittens had pushed her out the way at feeding times so she didn't get as much nourishment.  Vet said could be some underlying problem, but we'll have to wait and see - have to go back again in a week to see if she's gaining any weight - they can do further tests if necessary, but well, it's fingers crossed right now that she does start to improve!

So we are all doing everything we can to help her grow - she is such a sweetie though, very alert and bright, hears every sound, curious about everything around her, doesn't miss a trick, now climbing everything she can (or can't!) and determined to get places she isn't supposed to (like behind the TV - she pretends she's going to eat her food then makes a mad dash to get behind it before we can get hold of her!).  She is eating - little and often - and using her litter tray perfectly (she announces her intention every time with a series of "mew, mew" noises).  She is also very very affectionate, wants to be cuddled, loves sleeping in your lap, having her tummy tickled, and playing at chasing bits of string and little balls.  So .... in every respect, apart from the weight/growth, she is fine and we are just hoping that she pulls through this and grows into a feisty little cat ........ "Mia" is her new name.  We're having to give her 24/7 attention - I stayed up with her all through that first night, dozing in and out of a light sleep, while she curled up contentedly on my dressing gown - well, she is just too tiny yet to be left alone, couldn't leave her in a strange house on her own while we all went to bed, could we?  Ever since Graham (DH), Max and I have been taking it in turns to do shifts overnight, so you can imagine that we're all a bit like walking zombies at the moment, trying to catch up on enough sleep, and I'm afraid I've hardly been able to think straight the last day or so!  We know this may still not turn out to have a happy ending, but we're going to give Mia the best chance we can and give her a proper loving home, whatever happens.

And here are some photos of little Mia that I took the day after her arrival, whilst she was sat on Graham's lap.

Here she is curled up cosily on my cardi !

I'll post more pics of little Mia again soon - hopefully they'll help to show her progress.  Please send your most positive vibes little Mia's way - she needs all the help we can give her to bring her through this.  Thank you.


  1. She's gorgeous! And you were right, her ears are the biggest thing about her. What a cutie. Well, she has the best chance she could have now, and she's lively and sociable, so we'll all hope and pray that she grows stronger day by day. Lindsay x x

  2. I'm giving Mia a gentle, warm cuddle rigtht now. I just love 'playing' with animals ears and feet, gives me a warm feeling. Mias ears are just perfect for that. What an absolute treasure. I shall cuddle her in my thoughts every day. Luv Joanne xx

  3. Can you feel the vibes? Our first cat was the smallest and least interactive of the litter and he lived a long & happy life (19) so there is every hope here I think.

  4. Aaah, she's soooo sweet. Our first cat was small like that. He had been separated from his mother too soon and when we collected him from the rescue centre (I'm talking a long time ago - they wouldn't let you take them away that small now!)we had to feed him milk with a tiny pipette. He pulled through OK, so hopefully Mia will too. Just wait till she finds all those beads to play with!!!!!

  5. Hope all the vibes are helping! Have left you something on my blog! Lindsay x x

  6. Thanks all, at moment all we seem to be doing is kitten-sitting or sleeping - but Mia is already developing into a cheeky, curious little madam and is definitely already looking better than when she first arrived - so all your good thoughts are definitely helping! Lindsay - I'll go check out your blog soon (curious!!!)

  7. Aww, she such a sweetie, Heather, and so tiny! I hope that she continues to thrive in her lovely new home.
    Maria xx

  8. aww what a little aweetie, sending positives vibes for you Mia, xx