Sunday, 1 November 2009

Just popping in very briefly to say I still am in the land of living, just not had any time to come online for a day or two - we seem to have been doing nothing besides kitten-sitting and sleeping and in the odd hours I've had free I've been catching up on everyday chores and commitments!  Mia seems to be doing well right now, her fur is more fluffy and we think she is filling out a little bit - still too early to tell - but she's definitely developing her own character, very determined, full of curiosity about everything, not easily phased by anything and highly affectionate.  Will post more pics soon, but thanks to everyone who has sent positive thoughts little Mia's way.

Will try and post a bit more over the next day or two, as I've quite a bit I want to add.  It's just that old eternal cry of "I need more hours in the day (and night)!"

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  1. Mia will come on in leaps and bounds now she has a family and a secure home. Thats leaps up the curtains and bounds over all the furniture!!!!xxx