Thursday, 5 November 2009

Witchy ATC Swap Slideshow

Whew, after a lot of phaffing around - and I'm still not that happy with the result - I've managed to upload a slideshow of sorts of all the Witchy ATCs I received for the swap - you can view it in the sidebar.  Sorry it's not better, for the life of me I can't reduce the size so that it doesn't get cut off on one edge!  I've tried two or three different sources, all with the same result.  Sorry - will try harder and do better next time!  *LOL*  At least you can browse through them all and see what everyone did - don't they look great?

Anyway, it's taken me so long that I've not got time now to add the chunky book pics tonight; will have to save them for another day.

We took Mia along to the vets today for her "weigh-in".  The vet was happy with her progress and she has gone from 0.4 kgs to 0.5 kgs in one week - so that is very good.  We must be doing something right!


  1. The ATC's look great - they are all so different. Can't wait for the next swap now! Shame the slide show has elbowed your lovely blog frame out! Lindsay x x

  2. Whoops, hadn't realised it had messed up the background - better see what's happened there & if I can do anything about it!