Saturday, 7 November 2009

New Swap - Guardian Angel ATC and Ornament

Lindsay let me know that my background went missing after I posted the witchy slideshow, so I just fixed it and used a different one for now - I think I must've deleted the original background when I was messing about adding a slideshow!

Okay - so as promised, here is a new Swap for you all.  I was chatting with my sister on the phone one day when I turned round and there on the windowsill next to me was a small white feather - the window was shut so I didn't know how it got there.  Lindsay said that seeing a feather like that unexpectedly meant my guardian angel was watching over me.  I'd never heard that before and it became the inspiration for this Swap.

In this Swap you will create one ATC with the image of a "guardian angel" (any style and medium) and one Christmas/Seasonal Ornament (the main body of this will be ATC-sized but any shape within that size and as heavily embellished/decorated as you like.  The embellishing can extend beyond the size of the ATC.  The ornament should also be decorated front and back and have some means of hanging eg a beaded loop or ribbons.

The deadline for this Swap will have to be 5TH DECEMBER in order to give me enough time to swap out and beat the Christmas post.  I've added the swap details in the sidebar.  If you want to participate in this swap, please email me to sign up and to receive full details of what is involved in this swap.  I do hope you'll all have a go at this one and give full reign to your imagination!

(Chunky book pics will be posted as soon as I can, as promised)!


  1. Like the new background and the twinkling stars - you are getting very tecky with your blog now! Count me in for the swap of course. Btw, it has to be a white feather that you see (I know yours was) for it to count as an Angel visit...apparently! Lindsay x x

  2. I like the new look too. You are very 'techy' clever. Now then, this new swap, 'cos I'm not very clever I'll have to have a think before I commit to this one. I daren't send a load of rubbish when you had such talent participating in the last one. Even if I feel I can't produce, I really love the thought challenge. xx
    Luv to Mia xx

  3. Oh, go on, Joanne - have a go! I'm sure you'll produce something wonderful-looking - joining in different themed swaps, even if you're unsure what to do to begin with, is a great way of stretching yourself and it's surprising what you can achieve; I know it works for me that way!