Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My "Dream Journey" Journal came home!

As promised, here are pictures of the wonderful "Dream Journey" journal that came home to me a little while back.  This had been a round robin journal hosted by Ali Brandist - we each chose a title for our book and a rubber stamp that we didn't mind being without for a year, then we created the front and back covers, decorated them with the stamped image and words, and sent our books on to the next person in the RR circle.  Each person then created a page in that book, using the stamp they'd been sent and adding some words as well.  It was lovely to get the chance to see what other people created in each journal as they passed through our hands. 

When we started this journal, it seemed a long ways off before we'd see them again, but here they are, a year later, well-travelled and back home again.  I hope you enjoy looking at the pages in my journal as much as I do.

The front cover

Inside front cover and Page 1 by Mima Lewis

Pages 2 and 3 by Alison Brandist

Page 4 by Martha Rose Bond and Page 5 by Tracy Kaufman

Pages 6 and 7 by Karen Mercado

Pages 8 and 9 by Elena Vigil-Farinas

Pages 10 and 11 by Sandra Zengler

Pages 12 and 13 by Paula Sherman

Inside Back Covers

Back Cover

There is one double-page spread still blank in my journal as I'd added extra pages, so Graham has said that he would like to have a go at creating something on them for me too. 

I just love the feel of holding this little 4" x 4" chunky book in my hands, it is full of texture and embellishments, ribbons and charms - it is so charming and every time I look at it I see something new.  A big 'thank you' to all the artists who participated!

Now ..... if something like this appeals to enough of you, I'm thinking about organising a chunky book round robin through my blog after the New Year .... what do you all think?

Finally, I'd love to see more of you sign up to the Guardian Angel ATC and Ornament swap ...... if the 5th December deadline is putting anyone off, I may be able to extend the deadline by a few more days - but at the same time, I really don't want to leave it too late, I'd like everyone to receive their swaps before Christmas.  If you do fancy having a go, just drop me an email and I'll send full details.


  1. What a dream of a book. It looks super awesome. Wow! What a great size for a book. Enjoy. Gez.xx

  2. That is one of the most beautiful, awe inspiring pieces of art I have seen. I am constantly amazed by the wonderful creations that people's imagination produce. Would I be right in thinking that all those who took part are true artists like yourself? The idea of doing this really does appeal to me, but I couldn't cope with the stress of being involved with such talent. Maybe one for the enthusiasts and one for the professionals??
    XX for Mia xx for you

  3. What a great keepsake! The idea really appeals to me....although I've never done one before I'd like to try!

  4. Please don't be put off from taking part in a journal book swap like this - all those who made pages for this one are people who love to create artistically, all from different backgrounds and all with different skills, they all just enjoy making "art", each in their own unique way - and you are all no differnt from them - it's all about the taking part, having fun and enjoying what you're doing. I'm glad you've all enjoyed looking at the pages of my Dream Journey book - and I will definitely be considering running something similar here after the New Year!

  5. What a fantastic book. I'd love to take part in a swap like this - although I've never done one of these before! S xxx

  6. This is a fabulous book. This is something I would love to be involved in one of these days.