Monday, 2 November 2009

Making Smiles on Faces

I received this Making Smiles on Faces award from my sister, Lindsay, and the idea is to pass it on to five other people and reveal five interesting (not-so-interesting) facts about myself! 

So the five people I'm passing this on to are:-

Ali's Art Factory - Ali has become a good friend through some of the ATC and altered art groups we belong to and hosts some fantastic swaps - she has a wonderful imagination.

Art by Impulse - Treez has some beautiful pieces of work displayed on her blog (which looks gorgeous too!) and interesting techniques to try out as well.

Autumn Blues and Rainy Days - Suze has some fabulous-looking zetti work on her blog, I just love it!

The Sum of All Crafts - Val regularly posts a wonderful assortment of free images to use in art projects along with a whole variety of techniques and artwork. 

My Name is Elena - Elena is a lovely and generous-spirited soul, who is going through some very tough times right now, so she could do with a few smiles right now.

Okay, so ..... five facts about me .......

1)  I worked as a Typist with the Blackpool police for several years and was there when George Sewell committed an armed robbery at a local jewellers which resulted in the shooting and injury of several police officers and the death of Supt Gerry Richardson, all of whom I knew and worked for.  Gerry was at that time the highest ranking police officer to be murdered in the UK.

2)  I went to South Africa for three weeks when I was 21 with my boyfriend (later first husband) to stay with my penpal and his fiancee. 

3)  I have eaten (or attempted to eat) snails in garlic butter - not a pleasant texture, all black and rubbery!

4)  For a year my husband and I lived in Whitby and rented a house which was rumoured to be the one that Bram Stoker stayed in whilst writing "Dracula".

5)  I have a small collection of vintage buttons.

Well, I did say they might be not-so-interesting facts!  Now it's time to sign off and get some sleep, I'm doing the late shift with Mia!


  1. I remember the armed robbery incident well. Infact, my son recently won a bravery award and the trophy included Gerry Richardsons name. A high accolade indeed. Still thinking of Mia daily and giving her ears a little, gentle rub. xxx

  2. I popped in to say hi. You do beading too. I normally do peyote stitch but takes too long, very tedious and time consuming. At the moment I'm doing festive cross stitch inbetween making, swapping atcs and mailart.
    I have eaten spicy giant sea snails they taste like mussels and rubbery like you said. Prefer lobster and squid. Love taking part in your Witchy atc swap.