Friday, 4 December 2009

And the Winner is ......... ?

Today I made the draw for my little Christmas Giveaway and who better to help me than Mia - she was a brilliant assistant!! 

First, I wrote out everybody's names on pieces of paper, folded them up and popped them all into a wooden "Mouseman" bowl that we have (well, it seemed appropriate to use a mousey bowl if Mia was going to pick a winner out of it). 

When Mia saw all the bits of paper in the bowl she immediately dived in, picked one up in her mouth and ran off with it (I wish I'd been quick enough to take a photo of that particular moment, but she is just soooo fast) .....

Here is Mia with the winning "ticket" .........

..... and the WINNER IS .........

Well done and congrats, Denise!  Just let me know your address and I'll post the Christmas kits and ATC out to you as soon as I can .... hope you enjoy them all and have fun making the kits up.


  1. How sweet.........what a fun way to pick the winner! Congrats Denise.

  2. Congratulations Denise. Any chance of Mia picking out the winning lottery numbers???

  3. Thanks ladies, Mia is too cute :)