Sunday, 13 December 2009

Guardian Angels

The Guardian Angel swap that I was running was swapped out at the beginning of this week - we were a very "select" group of four (I guess everyone was caught up too much in preparing for Christmas to take time out for this one - or maybe it didn't appeal).  Anyway, here are pics of the ATCs and ornaments that we all created - as you can see, everybody put a different interpretation into their designs .......





I used Crafty Individuals frames and images to make my ornament, along with embossing, fabric and feathery embellishments.  The ATC, again, used a Crafty Individuals image (they're one of my favourite craft companies, can't you tell?), matted over a gauzy ribbon fabric, and embellished with gold stickles, beads, ribbon and dictionary "angel" definition.  (The stars are part of the ribbon's pattern).

Thanks to Joanne, Lindsay and Sheila for participating in this swap - I hope you all enjoyed it - I loved seeing what everyone created.

Today I took my parents out to the local garden centre for a spot of lunch and a bit of Christmas shopping - I love to see all the Christmas decorations laid out, the glittery baubles, the trees, sparkly fairy lights, scented candles, but we were amused by this Santa Claus taking time out in his hammock at the entrance to the garden centre, dreaming of some faraway golden beach no doubt (his stomach actually moved up and down as though he was really breathing - LOL) - I just had to take a photo of him ......

I wonder what you're dreaming of this Christmas?


  1. Hi Heather. I'm sorry I meant to e-mail you on Friday. How lucky am I? I received your gorgeous angel and Lindsay's ATC. I LOVE them both, thank you so much. I really enjoyed this swap, thank you for running it. Hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas. I'll post piccys on my blog later. Love S xxx

  2. Today's the day - no, not spag bol - I'll be blogging my amazing angel swaps. I've been 'locked' away for 12 days attempting Tim's 12 tags of Christmas. Sooo looking forward to your next challenge. Luv xx
    XXX Mia

  3. Really glad you both like your "angels". I've been admiring all your TH tags, Joanne, great work! Well, I need to get my thinking cap on for new challenges in 2010 ..... in between getting the decos up, dressing the tree & wrapping pressies ..... busy, busy! :o)

  4. It really was too demanding a time of year for me to commit, but it looks like everyone got something wonderful!