Thursday, 14 January 2010

.... and the Snow Keeps Coming!

Managed to get out in the car for the first time for about a week and a half today, despite there still being a few flurries of sleet on and off all day.  My parents aren't able to get their car out at all because their drive leads onto a slope which has been like an ice rink for days and days now (if you've read Lindsay's blog you'll know how bad it was over Christmas) so I took them up some bags of food shopping to keep them stocked up for several days.  But can't you guess, despite ALL the warnings about it being so icy where they live, I STILL managed to get myself stuck whilst turning round in the road - I really thought I was on a reasonably (un)icy bit, not on the slope at all, but no - I could NOT reverse, the wheels just spun and even with the handbrake on, the car still continued to slide forward - oops! - thankfully, a neighbour came across and helped to give the car just enough of a push that I could get it moving again and back onto a driveable bit of road!  Not a nice experience - I was glad to get back home again and the car safely back onto the drive.  And now, of course, it's snowing all over again so it looks like we'll be stuck again for a bit longer yet - can't remember ever having had this much snow, for so long, ever before - especially here on the coast, we usually escape the worst of the weather!

And now, a bit of excitement for me too - I just found out I'm the Grand Winner of some wonderful blog candy on Kris Dickinson's blog, aren't I the lucky girl?  Please go check out Kris's site - you'll see some beautiful artwork there and definitely worth checking back into on a regular basis, I know I will be.

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  1. You really are having it bad Heather. We only live about 10 miles from you and haven't had a problem with the roads despite the ice. Our home is in a private park and that has been treacherous but nevertheless hasn't stopped us getting out. Different councils you see!! Just popping over to see that blog. Take care. xx
    X Mia