Monday, 25 January 2010

It's All About Time

A week ago I thought I'd create some ATCs for a "Time" themed swap in one of my groups - easy, plenty of time, only had to make three cards - but could I do it?  No, I could not ...... I made two but then I ran out of time, too late to post the cards before the deadline, so these two are now going into my ATC swapping stash. 

Time, I think, to get my act together and knuckle down for some quality art/craft/creating time .... but I need a good shot of inspiration, I think ..... something to kickstart me again ..... one of the things I like to do when I feel like this is spend a few hours getting messy, creating a variety of background papers, using inks, paints, stamps, glimmer sprays ... it's fun and at the end of the session I've got a whole pile of new backgrounds to dip into.  I was wondering what the rest of you do to give yourself a creative boost when you're feeling like this?

Talking of inspiration, though, look what came in the post for me this weekend ..... the wonderful blog candy prize I won off Kris Dickinson ...... it's a fantastic box full of goodies, you can see some of them in the photo ...... inks, ribbons, buttons, rubber stamps, flowers, embellishments, plus some great decorative papers and collage sheets which I will definitely be making good use of.  What a thrill!

Finally, ever eaten "Chicken in a Basket" at the pub?  Well, here's "Kitten in a Basket" instead ........

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  1. NO don't eat Mia! There's not enough meat on her! LOL!
    Little love is growing quickly and turning into a proper little beauty. XXXXXXX
    Inspiration is a real hard one. I am an expert at lacking this. However, just lately there have been ideas popping up from all over the place. My problem is more with how to put my ideas into practice because not having an 'arty' background, I don't know how to do things. That bloomin' parrot of yours actually helped me make a set of ATCs though!!!! xxxxx