Monday, 8 February 2010

Females & Felines

This week I've been working on making some atcs for a swap with the theme of "Females & Felines" - the deadline was looming and I just managed to finish them and post them out this morning; I even created a couple more extra cards too, for my swap stash.  Here are the four cards I sent for the swap.

On Saturday I went along to the Strikes Garden Centre to have lunch with family (my aunt was visiting from Scotland) and to watch sister Lindsay giving one of her excellent demonstrations of craft products and techniques ..... she had a busy day and was surrounded by eager-to-learn ladies every time I saw her ..... here are Lindsay and Joanne deep in conversation discussing some crafting technique, no doubt! 

Lindsay was demonstrating the Martha Stewart punches (beautiful effects, but I couldn't justify the expenditure of buying one this time) and Ink Potion No 9 (sounds like a witch's spell), which I did buy as I fancy having a go - it's a blending solution for dye inks on glossy paper.  I thought I had some liquid dye inks but when I got home and checked they turned out to be acrylic inks, so I don't think they'll work - still, I could give them a try; otherwise I can use dye inkpads - just got to dig out some glossy paper now.

I took along my small stash of atcs and swapped cards with Lindsay and Joanne (so nice to meet up with you again).  Here are the cards I chose, Lindsay's with the Tim Holtz stamp and ribbon, Joanne's with the stamped bird on grey background - both have the vintagey feel to them that I like so much. 

Thanks, girls, for swapping atcs - I don't often get the chance to swap cards in person.

When I was having a photo session the day after, of course I had a little helper and here she is ..... Mia just had to inspect the cards I was taking photos of ...... she just can't resist anything that has paper on it ..... atcs, books, tissues ..... one of her favourite games is to retrieve small screwed up bits of paper so the living room is littered with them!

We took Mia along to the vets this afternoon for a weigh-in to check on her progress - she's doing well - and we've now booked her in for her spaying op/microchipping in a fortnight's time ...... the only thing is that she will have to wear one of those cones round her neck for 10 days afterwards and knowing what a feisty little madam Mia is I think we're in for fun and games, trying to keep her from pulling it off! 

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  1. Cruel mum. Poor Mia XXXX Never mind pusscat, I'll be thinking of you.
    Brilliant day again Heather and thank you so very much for bringing your books to show me. I'm still thinking of all the marvels they hold. xx