Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Butterfly ATCs - Pics

By now I think everyone will have received their butterflies and dragonflies from last month's swap, so I thought it was time to post pics of them all for everyone to see the lovely cards that were sent in.  Enjoy .....

Ali Brandist (Ali kindly sent an extra atc for me)

Joanne Parkin

June Benton

Lindsay Mason

Louise Baxter

Sandra Zengler

My Cards

I'm now looking forward to the cards coming in for this month's April Fools swap - still time to join in this one if you fancy having a go, deadline isn't till 30th April.

On Saturday I'm looking forward to going over to Oswaldtwistle (Dawn Bibby's Studio) to join a workshop being taken by my sister Lindsay - we're going to be creating a mirror frame (I know we're going to be using a melting pot at some stage for this one, so that's a new experience for me - would you believe I do have one, but I've not dared use it yet so it's just sitting gathering dust on a shelf)!  Does anyone else know that feeling - you acquire a new crafting tool or buy some beautiful paper, and then daren't use them either because you're scared of messing up or you just don't want to use the paper because you'd rather just look at it!?!  Anyway, must remember to take my camera with me then I can take some photos whilst I'm there.  I'll be taking my ATC stash too, so I might be able to do a bit of one-to-one swapping.


  1. I love my swaps from the last challenge. Can't make the workshop this time but may just get chance to pop in and say hi. xx
    X Mia

  2. I so wish I could go to that workshop...sigh!
    Have fun I'm sure you will :)

  3. Hi Heather, I'm really sorry I couldn't join in the swap now :-( The ATCs are beautiful. I hope you enjoyed the workshop and remembered the camera! S xx