Saturday, 22 May 2010

Tangerine Dreams .... do come true!!!

Okay, I admit it, I'm "out of the closet" now - I'm a football fan!  I'm really looking forward to the World Cup next month (much to the disgust of the men in my house, who both have no interest in the game) - I remember seeing England win the Cup back in 1966 (oh dear, doesn't that date me)?!?  When I was in my teens, I was a huge fan of Blackpool Football Club (we were in what was then the first division), my friends and I would travel to lots of the away matches too - mum and dad were big fans as well (only Lindsay who wasn't - and still isn't - a fan). 

At the beginning of this season Blackpool were on the cards to be relegated but today they've confounded all the critics by going down to Wembley (with their tangerine army in tow - Blackpool's colour) and beating Cardiff City 3-2 in a fantastic play-off final to take them into the Premier League of English football next season ..... I watched the match on TV at home, a nerve-wracking but exciting experience, which brought back many memories of the times I stood on the terraces at Bloomfield Road, cheering Blackpool on. 

WELL DONE, BLACKPOOL!!! .... it'll be great to see you playing against the "big boys" next season!

Temperatures have soared the last couple of days, even with windows and doors open it's been hot and sticky, so not much crafting going on - just bits here and there.  I have managed to complete another couple of pages for my chunky book swap though, so here's a look-see ......

"I Dreamed a Dream"
(I added one of my dragonflies to this page and took it with me as a sample for the "make and take" table I ran at the residential weekend)

"With a Little Flourish"
(I've added a few little adhesive pearls to the large flourish and side of the frame since I took this photo)

Well, I'm popping over to the Windmill Craft Centre in nearby Thornton tomorrow, as Lindsay will be there most of the day demonstrating a variety of products, including distress inks, stickles and stamps - I always like to see her demo if I can, as I learn new techniques and tips (not that I remember them all once I get home again)!  Hopefully we'll get the chance to grab a spot of lunch too.


  1. See you at the windmill together with 'pot arm'. I hate footie aswell but I remember Blackpool winning the FA cup in 1953!!! My mum took me up the road to the Red Lion in Bispham where she stood me on a wall to watch them drive by in an open-topped double decker bus, cup in hand at the front. Now that's what I call being 'old'!!! Jonne xxxx X Mia

  2. Hi Heather. I'm with Joanne on the footie front - but gad you enjoyed the game even if it was nerve wracking! I played with Lindsay last weekend and loved it - I blogged it this morning. Love the pages. Must make a start on mine. I've made my ATCs. Just waiting for them to dry. Will post them and blog them tomorrow. I'm doing Lindsay's Canvas workshop next month, so hopefully see you there! Love S xxx

  3. Oh well, looks like I'm on my own then with the football (Joanne - my dad & grandad went to Wembley to watch the 1953 Cup Final - they lost their voices, they'd been shouting & cheering so much)!!!

    Will see you next month then, Sheila, at the canvas workshop - I will be there! :o)

    Heather x