Monday, 7 June 2010

This weekend I have been making .......

Goddesses for an ATC swap.  The group this swap is part of will be closing at the end of the month, but the moderator, Ali Brandist, has started up a new UK group for all those of us who enjoy creating ATCs (and other art projects - inchies, tags, matchboxes, etc) with a vintage or "grunge" style - I'm sure it will be very popular and I'll be joining in a few swaps there myself, soon as I catch up on all my current projects!  I tried to work out how to add a link to Ali's new group, plus a couple of other online art groups that I'm a member of, but I think I was doing something wrong ...... but I'll figure it eventually!  Meanwhile, the name of Ali's group is Vintage ATC UK if any of you fancy checking it out.  See - I can link up in my post but not in the sidebar - yet!  Ali is a brilliant hostess and has a wonderful imagination for some great swap themes so I can highly recommend being part of her new group! 

So, anyway, here are the Goddess cards that I've created over the weekend - it was a lucky dip swap, we each chose six goddesses to create from a huge list of names so everyone will be getting totally different goddesses back when the cards are swapped out.

"The Feral Goddess of the Volcano"
(also known as Hecate, Artemis or Kali)

"Nekhbet - Egyptian Goddess of Wild Birds and Heaven, Protector of the King"

"The Norns - Norse Goddesses of Fate & Destiny
(also known as the 3 Fates & Maiden/Mother/Crone"

"Atla - Norse Goddess of Water"

"Candika - Goddess of Desire & Fertility"

"Aine - Celtic Irish Goddess of Love,
 Sun & Sky, Midsummer, Wealth & Sovereignty"

Don't forget I'm running a 3-card ATC swap throughout June (A Misummer Night's Dream) if you want to join in - details are in the sidebar.


  1. Do you really know how enormously clever you are. These are just so imaginitive. But where on earth do you keep finding all the little bits and pictures. I'm struggling with finding them for your swap this month - plus my printer is having me on again. Not to be beaten though. Did I tell you how clever you are???
    Luv Joanne xx
    X Mia

  2. I agree with Joanne, you are very, very clever. These are beautiful. I'm making my ATCs for this months swap, I'm sorry I haven't got round to e-mailing you yet! This past week has been a wee bit hectic! I'll bring them to Lindsay's workshop if that's ok? Love S xxx

  3. *LOL* thanks for the compliments, but you both make some gorgeous cards yourselves too! All the bits & pieces ..... snipped out of old magazines, googled, gifted to me in swaps, & I'm always on the lookout for anything I can use to embellish - craft fairs, car boots, in DH's garage (if it's rusty, I'll have it!!!) .... these days everything gets the once over in our hourse before it gets thrown out just in case it can be recycled as "art"! And yes, Sheila, you can pass the ATCs on to me at Lindsay's workshop next weekend. :o) Heather x