Sunday, 3 October 2010

A Mystery Torso!

Well, I WAS meant to be posting this yesterday but my computer decided to have an argument with Blogger's new downloading pictures link and I couldn't load up any photos .... grrr!!!  But, today it all seems to be behaving itself (fingers crossed)!

So, anyway, look what came in the post for me yesterday ...... these wonderful Torso ATCs from the recent challenge swap at "Something Completely Different" (see Link in sidebar).  I love these cards, but unfortunately one of them has no details on the back so I don't know who created it - what a shame!  So please, if you recognise this card as being yours, let me know as I'd love to put a name to it!

This is the "anonymous" torso which I believe was created for the "Red" Challenge

I received this great "By the Sea" Torso, which was created by my friend Joanne

I love the poppies on this "Bling" Torson by Gina

A lovely "Memories" Torso made by Zoe

Thanks to each of you for these beautiful cards, I really enjoyed the challenge of making them myself too and hope those who received my attempts are happy with them as well.  Unfortunately, I've not been able to join in the recent SCD challenges but hope to have a go again soon.


  1. You have some stunning torsos there Heather (can I say that when 1 is mine?) haave yet to receive mine hopefully Monday. xx Zoe

  2. I was wondering when the torsos would arrive. Not got mine yet, maybe tomorrow.
    Luv Joanne xx
    X Mia

  3. Gorgeous torso's Heather. Glad you enjoyed the swap. :)