Thursday, 31 March 2011

In the Pink ..... and an ATC Challenge!

I've noticed an increasing trend over the past few weeks ....... men have taken to wearing "pink".  Every time I turn on the TV there they are - broadcasters, celebrities, antique experts, chefs, students, pensioners, sober politicians, flamboyant artists, sportsmen, old and young ..... there they all are with their pink ties, pink shirts, pink trousers, pink jumpers, pink hats, pink shoes!  I've even seen a couple of football teams sporting very fluorescent pink shirts!  I even had a quiet smile to myself the other day, driving home, when I passed an elderly couple out for a walk - she was dressed all in blue, he was dressed all in pink (shirt, jumper, trousers)! *LOL*  I must admit, I rather like it!  In fact, it seems that men are quietly reclaiming the colour "pink" for themselves as back in Victorian days, it was a masculine rather than a feminine colour.

And so, as my own little homage to men's new found "pinkness", I thought I'd create a little piece of art using one of my Victorian cabinet cards.  I've turned it into a wall hanging.  Hope you like my "Dandy Gentleman".



Now, I thought it was about time I posted another little ATC challenge for you all so here's what I propose - you need to create three ATCs containing an image of a Victorian gentleman (just google away to find suitable images) dressed in or surrounded by the colour "pink" ..... you can keep your cards serious, quirky or humorous, entirely up to you.  (Details in the sidebar, as per usual).

Hopefully, plenty of you will want to join in and what I propose to do is put everyone's name "into a hat" and whoever is pulled out will also receive my "Dandy Gentleman" cabinet card as well.  You have until the end of the month (30th April) to make your cards and post them to me (just email me please to sign up).

Finally, if any of you want to give your brain cells a good working out, pop over to my sister Lindsay's blog and have a go at her crafty quiz - it's quite challenging, in fact very challenging, but there's a prize for the winner (closing date 9th April) so it's well worth having a go.


  1. Well first of all - WELCOME BACK - I've really missed you. I love your new style blog and the heading is amazing. I'll join in the fun with the ATCs but as far as Lindsay is concerned, her quiz is driving me mad!!!!!!!!LOL
    Hugs Joanne xxx
    X Mia

  2. Brilliant theme and I love the Cabinet card. Will try my best to join in with the swap but I don't expect to win the card of course! Great to have you back in blogland!!! Lindsay x x x