Monday, 7 March 2011

My Little Helper!

It's been a few weeks now since I last posted and I'm afraid not a lot (if any) crafting has happened in the meantime; my hand is still "dodgy" and playing up, making me clumsy and not easy to do a lot of fiddly work - or use the keyboard for any length of time!  One way or another, I think I'm definitely falling apart! *LOL*

Still, I wanted to join in the fun on Joanne's new blog for our crafting pets and took some photos of my little minx, Mia, helping me the other day when I was having a clear out in my "craft room" - I sorted out some old jigsaws and an assortment of leftover balls of wool to take to the charity shop.  I packed them all away neatly in a large plastic shopping bag, but it wasn't long before Mia sniffed out the wool (she's obsessed with it!) and decided to reorganise it all for me - would you believe, there wasn't a single hole in that bag before Mia started on it!  I came out of the bathroom the other morning and walked back into the bedroom, only to discover bags of wool strewn all across the floor and the wardrobe door wide open - she'd only nosed her way in and dragged it all out - it was so funny.  I've had to give her a ball of wool to play with and she's now proudly trotting round the house with it in her mouth, the ends trailing along underneath her - what a comic!

"Now if I could just move this ball here and put that one there,
I think you'll find that looks better!"

"If I lie very still, maybe no-one will know it was me"

"Agh, now this looks interesting!"

"And if I could just check it out from over here"

"Hmm, yes, definitely prefer this blue wool -
I might just have to move it into the light to get a better view!"

If you want to check out the antics of other "crafting pets", then please go pay a visit to Joanne's blog here.


  1. Ah Bless her playing with the wool. My cat just looks blankly when she sees wool!!! Hope your hand is fully recovered soon, ~Hazelxo

  2. Hello Mia, I'm Huxley, you know the one crafting with my Anan. I believe you know her. You are having a good time with that wool. Any chance of knitting me a jumper 'cos I have to have another hair cut in 2weeks and I do get cold. The blue will do. Thanks.