Friday, 27 May 2011

What a Waste!

Not been around a lot, I know, I know ..... can't believe how quickly the days are flying by, it's almost June already!!!  But I have done a "little" bit of art journalling, couple of pages, and a page for a story book swap that's been doing the rounds for several months now.  So I'm starting to feel like some creativity is weaving its way back into my life.

Anyhow, the title of this blog (and I do have trouble coming up with titles) refers to the day I've had as I had to travel over to Preston first thing this morning to the hospital for my appointment with the consultant regarding my weak hand and to find out the results of the two scans I had about four months ago.  Somehow I knew it was going to be a waste of time and money - after spending around £10 in bus fares to get there, the consultants' clinics were all running behind schedule and my appointment was over an hour late.  When the consultant did see me, basically he asked me if the weakness in my hand was same or worse (some days it's stiffer and weaker than others), told me the scan results had all come back as normal (no bumps or lumps for him to operate on), that he was referring me to the neurologist to see if there was any inflammation or suchlike anywhere (it's the radial nerve that the problem is with - but no-one knows what the cause of it is) and was discharging me from his clinic.  All in all, I could've been with the consultant no more than a minute!

All that wasted time sat around, not to mention the expense, just to be told something that I could have had in a letter - no wonder the clinics are all clogged up and running late!  How much more economical would it have been to send a letter out instead?  I'm sure these consultants must only look at their patients' notes a few minutes before they see them!  Grr!!!  Well anyway, rant over - at least I don't have the worry of surgery hanging over me, just got to see if the neurologist turns anything up now ...... whenever that will be, it's already been going on a couple of years now and no proper diagnosis of the problem so far.

So ...... better shut up, ignore the hand and get on with as much arty-crafty stuff as I can *LOL*!

Whilst I was in Preston I had a bit of lunch and a look round the shops, so as not to let it be a total waste of the day; popped into one of the bargain book shops and was leafing through a "cat behaviour" book.  I was amused to read that apparently some Siamese cats, apart from being very vocal, affectionate and with a passion for wool (oh yes, I know about that one!), also have the habit of urinating on their owners to get attention!  (Mia, you better not try that trick, thank you very much, or you really will be in trouble)!   She's actually curled up, very sweetly, on a cushion on the floor next to me right now, no doubt dreaming up new forms of mischief. 

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  1. Lol Heather. Your story about the Siamese cats made me smile. I have two cats of my own (just regular moggies!!) but we get frequent visits from a Siamese cat who specifically comes to eat the bread I put out for the birds!!! He likes to chase the birds occasionally but the bread is the main attraction! Mia sounds adorable! Love Kate xx