Sunday, 12 June 2011

Just a quick post to say .......

..... thank you for the lovely comments about my ATCs; I enjoyed making them, and as the weather has been so yucky today, rain, rain and - guess what? - even more rain! - I carried on creating a card or two with the steampunk theme.  I've ideas for a couple more cards before I decide which three I'll be sending in for the Steampunk swap; the rest will be for general swapping.  (Still not posting pics of them though).

Anyway, what I really wanted to just say was that I've more or less decided what my next blog swap challenge will be, so watch this space - I'll be posting details later in the week - and I hope it's one that will appeal to many of you; I really need to have at least four people sign up for the swaps or else folks end up with some of their own work back.  So if you know anyone who's thinking about having a go at a swap or two and not sure, point them in this direction - it's all very friendly, newcomers and old friends, beginners and experts, all of you are welcome to join in the fun - and remember, it's purely for enjoyment!


  1. Hi Heather love the ATCs - and I would love to join in anything you swap but as I dont have a blog so I'm a bit limited. Could you pleaseeee show your art journalling pages (I've seen the 'every journey.....' but would love to see your others (I've just started to art journal and its soooo satisfying!)bye for now xx

  2. Hi, Sonia, I've only done a couple more journal pages so far and I'm not sure they're ones I want to publish! I'm doing some pages from journal prompts on one of my online groups, so when I've done a few more I promise to post pics of any I think are ok! Glad you want to join in the next swap, I'll be putting up details later this week! Heather x