Friday, 17 June 2011

A New Swap (for the Book Lovers amongst you perhaps) ! .....

As promised, today I'm announcing a new challenge swap for you all .... but I thought just for a little change, we wouldn't do ATCs this time, but would create Bookmarks instead.  The theme would be "Books and Authors" and, as usual, you'll be making three, decorated on one side with imagery to reflect the book title and on the back, a little decoration and a few details about the author's life.  Although the bookmarks themselves will need to be flat, in order to make them practically useful, you can add plenty of fibres, ribbons, charms, etc, to the top edge for dangling outside the pages of your books.  There are so many wonderful books and writers to choose from (Will Shakespeare to Charles Dickens, Jane Austen to Catherine Cookson, JK Rowling to Roald Dahl - the list could go on and on) that you might have a hard time deciding which ones to select - just please make each of your bookmarks different (eg three separate books and authors).

I've added some details about the swap in the side bar on the right, under my profile, with a request that anyone interested in joining this swap, please email me first to sign up and I'll send out an information sheet containing full swap details along with where to send your finished bookmarks.

Here are some samples of bookmarks I made for a swap a couple of years back - they're quite simple, a bit narrower than the measurements I've given for my swap and the theme was a general one (I used 1920's stylish ladies in mine) - but they might give you some idea of what this swap is about (think ATCs, but just a bit longer!) ........

Well, I hope some of you fancy having a go at this one - you've got till the end of July to make them.  I'm sure there'll be some wonderful creations made and we'll all end up with some lovely bookmarks which we can use in our reading.


  1. Hi Heather, what a lovely idea! Love my books, please sign me up for this one :-)S xxx

  2. Hi Heather, looks a great idea to me too! Sign me up please. Chrisx

  3. OK, you two, thanks for joining up - I'll email the full details over to you both shortly! Heather x