Saturday, 25 August 2012

A Birthday Trip

Yesterday was my birthday so Lindsay and I decided to go out for the day to "celebrate".  The weather has been so unpredictable lately that we decided not to risk our first idea of visiting the Zoo, but instead went to Farmer Parr's near Fleetwood - lots of farm animals and other assorted creatures including a corn snake (which I was able to touch, a first for me, and was surprised how dry and cool its skin felt) and our favourites, the little white chipmunks.  There's also an indoors museum displaying items and models (including some rather creepy looking dressed dummies) from bygone days, especially around the time of the Second World War.  Here are a few pics of our day out:-
 Here's Lindsay beside one of the steam roller vehicles on display (apologies for a rather blurred photo).
 One of the shop displays - this was the Cobblers.
 The chipmunks were hilarious, showing off and whizzing around very fast in their wheels!

 The kid goats were just so cute, could've taken one home with us!
There were two huge pigs, named Eddie and Elvis.  Here's Lindsay with Elvis ......
 .......and here's me with Elvis
 Eddie and Elvis together
After our visit to Farmer Parr's (and if you want to see more photos and a link to a You Tube video of the chipmunks that Lindsay took, then click here to visit Lindsay's blog and check out the post titled Heather's Birthday), we popped into the Tavern at the Mill at Marsh Mill in Thornton for a very tasty carvery meal - excellent value - though I don't think Lindsay bargained for being covered in Shandy when I knocked my drink all over her - oops, sorry, sis!

Had a lovely day out (and the sun stayed out most of the time too) and then relaxed at home doing nothing much of anything all evening.

Happy afternoon today too, as I went to watch Blackpool F.C. play Ipswich Town at Bloomfield Road (yes, I AM a football fan!) - it was a six-goal thriller and ALL of them Blackpool's.  The season's only just begun but we've won our first three games to put us at the top of the Championship League and the team's looking great!  


  1. It was certainly a fun day out - despite the soaking you gave me! I know that if I had been at Bloomfield Road there would have been no goals at the few times that I've ever watched any football nobody ever scores! "Come on the po-ooo-ol!" LOL!!! See you soon, Lindsay x x x

  2. So glad you had a fab birthday. Not sure about the snake though. My SiL goes to every home game and some of the aways if mileage permits. He and his dad have a box so I guess they really are fanatics. Still doing catch up after getting back from our hols, but the speed my DH works at, things will take a very long time to complete.........
    Hugs Joanne xx

    X Mia