Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Put a Sock in It!

I know, a rubbish title but it's very difficult sometimes to think of a suitable or catchy one that links in to the post ..... but I try!

Can't believe it's September already - where did the summer go? - and a couple of evenings over the past weeks there's been an almost autumnal feel in the air.  Made me think of the dark evenings drawing in and cosying up in front of the fire and that in turn made me think about "socks".  I used to knit quite a bit but after having all the problems with my hand, I realised I wouldn't be able to knit any larger garments again so I got rid of a lot of my wool stash.  However, I did keep hold of all my lovely sock yarn and I thought that maybe I'd still be able to knit socks due to the small nature of the items.

So I dug through my sock yarn stash and started knitting - and yes, happy to say, I've been able to carry on without a problem.  I started off using some 20cm long bamboo double-ended needles which I had but decided they were just too long so picked up some new 15cm long (much more manageable length) Knit Pro Symphonie wooden needles and they are just beautiful to knit with.  I've completed the first sock and am a good way through the second one ....... here's a pic of the finished sock and yarn I'm using .........
If you've never tried knitting socks, then I can highly recommend it.  It may seem a bit daunting, working with three, four, even five needles, and it is a bit fiddly to start the casting on, but after that it really isn't that difficult, and there are so many pluses - there are absolutely loads of wonderful sock yarns to choose from and there are plenty of free sock patterns out there on the Internet, you quickly get a sense of achievement and at the end of the day, end up with a great pair of uniquely patterned socks ..... at the moment I'm just sticking to a plain old stocking stitch pattern as it's easier on my hands, but I have in the past made fancier socks using lace and cable patterns.  The best thing about hand-knitted socks is that they are just so comfy and cosy ..... you really can't beat them and I'm looking forward to wearing mine once the weather cools down (and knitting plenty more too over the winter).

Go on -have a go - I dare you!  

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  1. Well done you for taking up a long lost hobby again. I always knitted wool socks for my boys as they went hiking a lot and wool doesn't cause blisters. However, 24yrs ago I decided to knit some for 'T' and me to wear inside our boots. I made one and last year decided to give the whole lot to charity. 'T' decided that 23yrs was too long to wait barefoot for the 2nd sock!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs Joanne xxxxxx

    X Mia