Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Rangers Techniques Workshop

Sorry I haven't posted sooner, but I've not been near the computer for a few days as I came down with a really nasty cold, started last week with a sore throat.  Still, I felt okay to go over to Dawn Bibby's Studio at Oswaldtwistle for Lindsay's Rangers Techniques workshop on Saturday.  The aim was to create a number of ATC-sized cards, each demonstrating a particular Rangers technique using inks, paints, beeswax, stamps, etc, which we could then use as a reference when creating backgrounds and cards in the future.  Lindsay also provided a list detailing each technique as well, so that we wouldn't forget what we did!  Very useful too, because I know I for one am hopeless at remembering what I did in a class once I get home! 

Here are some photos I took during the afternoon, showing us all hard at work (and having a bit of fun too), along with some of the cards I produced by the end of the afternoon.  As per usual, ending up with very messy, ink-stained fingers!
Joanne, Gez & Sheila all hard at work

Just look at the concentration on their faces!

This sample was created with a Big 'n Juicy Stamp Pad (love the bird/cage stamp)!

Here are some of the card samples I created
It was a lovely day and good to meet up with Joanne and Sheila again (they both brought along their "grunge" chunky book pages too, for the swap I'm running, and we all drooled over those ...... the pages are gorgeous, there's no other word to use)!  Lovely to meet Gez for the first time too (and thank you for the beautiful oriental ATC, an unexpected surprise). 

Unfortunately, within a couple of hours of arriving home again, I started to feel much worse and the cold really took a good hold - I was sick during the night and even spent a couple of hours Sunday afternoon falling asleep on the bed (something I would never normally do in the daytime)!  I'm only now just starting to feel a bit better and I wish it'd hurry up and vanish altogether - I HATE COLDS!!!!  Lindsay wasn't so well either Saturday night (a stomach bug, not a cold) so couldn't make her demo on Sunday - what a pair we are!

There's still time to join the "African" atc swap if you want, the deadline isn't for another 10 days, and the next swap will be posted on 1st August.


  1. Morning Heather
    Sorry to hear you've been poorly & Lindsay too. Hope you are both firmly on the mend now. (hugs)
    Great photographs! What a lot of gorgeous Atc's you've made. I loved the Big n Juicy pad too. Just can't decide which to buy, they are all nice!
    Glad you liked the Atc. I had such fun making them. :)
    Take care. Gez.xx

  2. I had a ball too Heather and agree, it was special to meet Gez and to catch up with She. I came away with such happy thoughts, wonderful ATC swaps and above all, techniques notes and samples - very precious. Take care and get properly better.
    Luv Joanne xx
    X Mia

  3. Heather - sorry I missed you at the weekend! Hope you are feeling better! Hope to see you again soon x