Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Bit More Graffiti

I did manage to get into town for a couple of hours at the weekend to take a second look at the Urban Art Festival and see some of the graffiti artists at work - luckily, it was a gloriously sunny afternoon so everything looked at its best.  Here are a few pics .........

These paintings were done on the wall at the back of the Winter Gardens - the large poster areas had been whitewashed in readiness; apparently they date back 100 years and are Grade II listed surprisingly! 

I'd only been gone for a couple of hours but when I returned home discovered Graham was suffering with breathlessness due to the fact that our "thoughtful"  neighbours had set a bonfire in their back yard and were burning all sorts of rubbish - despite having all the windows closed (just what you want on a warm sunny day) the smoke had seeped in throughout the house.  He'd been round to ask them to damp it down, but they hadn't done a very good job and it was still burning away merrily, so I had to go round too and insist that it be put out properly due to Graham's health issues - which it was thankfully (with a final big swoosh of billowing smoke everywhere) - but he suffered for it the remainder of the day.  Still waiting on the test results, but next week he'll be attending a clinic at the doctor's surgery, so maybe we'll know more then.  In the meantime, life goes on as usual for the most part, but in a strange kind of limbo - it feels a bit like when you're on a car journey, you're neither in one place or another, but in a sort of suspended state from reality.  Does that make sense?  I know what I mean anyway!

Have been adding bits and pieces to my Smash journal mostly over the past few days when I've had any free time and I've been gathering all sorts to put in it - I'll share some of what I've done another time.  Tomorrow Lindsay is spending a few hours with me and I'm hoping she'll help me get to grips with the little sewing machine that my son bought me (at my request) for Christmas some long while back, but which I've still not plucked up enough courage to even thread the needle - what a wuss!  My idea was/is to use it to add stitching to some of my journal pages, etc.  Don't know why I've had such a mental block about it though - I have had a sewing machine in the distant past - in fact I managed to make myself a few skirts with it that were presentable enough to wear, though I must admit sewing/making clothes is not something I'm comfortable with!  So .... anyway ..... we'll see how we get on tomorrow.

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