Monday, 17 June 2013

Childhood Revisited .....

Whilst Lindsay and I were in town the other day, we decided to take a stroll to view the house where we lived when we were growing up.  I was born in Manchester but our family moved to Blackpool when I was two to run a small boarding house just round the corner from our grandparents' larger hotel and quite close to the centre of town.  Essentially, the house from the outside hasn't changed except it was never this bright yellow colour when we lived there and the street itself is much smaller than we remember - isn't everything though, when you revisit?

Lindsay was born in this house - when my dad came into my bedroom in the morning to say there was a surprise for me, the first thing I asked was "is it  snowing"???  In the middle of July - LOL !  Oh well, I had to make do with a little sister instead !  :o)

 Here is the alleyway alongside the house, down which we played .....
 ...... and here, would you believe, are still the pawprints embedded in the alley concrete, belonging to our lovely tortoiseshell cat Chummy, after all these (cough, cough - how many? - I forget) years!
 We had to laugh when we saw this sign posted in the window of a nearby hotel - very strange !

We spotted these tall-heeled glitzy pink shoes in TK Maxx and Lindsay just couldn't resist trying them on - had to laugh at the sight of her tottering around, hanging on to my arm so that she didn't fall over!  She was still smaller than me, even in these heels, though she was having none of it!


  1. That was such a good day, and the nostalgic visit to "number one" made it extra special. Still smaller than you with those shoes on?!? Are you mad?! They had six inch heels! Lol! How anyone walks in shoes like that I'll never know - I couldn't move a step without holding on to something! They were pretty though! We'll have to do it again soon and then it's your turn to do all the posing. Lindsay x x x

  2. *LOL* - I STILL don't believe you were taller than me in those shoes. And I will definitely NOT be doing any posing - any such photos will be consigned to the recycling bin straight away!!! Heather xx