Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sand Sea and Spray

As I wrote in my last post (and thank you for the kind words of support) Lindsay and I spent a day in Blackpool this week.  I remembered to bring my camera with me this time (it usually gets left at home!) as I intended to take photos of some of the graffiti art that adorns various walls and buildings around the town.  I know it's probably not everybody's "cup of tea" but I have to say I'm a fan.  This is not just any old bit of graffiti sprayed across a wall by some bored teenager with a can of paint in his hand .... it's the work of a number of graffiti artists from around the world who have descended upon Blackpool for the last couple of years to create their works of art.  In fact, even the Model Village boasts a miniature piece of graffiti on the side of one of its little houses courtesy of one of these artists - must remember to take a picture of it next time we're there.

So ..... here are some of the images I captured ........

 A very strange painting !
 A lot of the graffiti art involved these large faces and I was particularly drawn to the eyes in them so I also took close-up photos of each set of eyes (maybe  I was fascinated with them because I'd just come from a check-up at the eye clinic in the hospital that morning) - I thought I'd like to use the images in my Smash journal

 This was one of my favourite images ......

 ...... as was this !

Had a bit of fun trying out some "posy art shots" with Lindsay as the model !!!  (The ones Lindsay took of me are terrible and not for public consumption - LOL) !

 Hmm .... not sure what Lindsay makes of this one !

This weekend around 40 graffiti artists from all corners of the world are here again, ready to create new art at half-a-dozen locations around the town.  The event is called Sand Sea and Spray and has now become an annual one. If I get the chance I'll be popping back into Blackpool on Saturday to see the artists at work and take more photos.

Well, it's been a long day so I'll finish up now and show you what else we got up to another time.  Tomorrow Graham is having some tests, the results of which will tell us more about what's going on and any treatments that might be possible - so looks like another long day beckons! 

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  1. "The ones Lindsay took of me are terrible and not for public consumption" opposed to the ones of me where I look about 83 years old?!?! Lol! The wall art looks good though. Looking forward to the next lot of pics with some trepidation! Lindsay x x x