Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Unfortunately, one of the ladies who originally signed up for the "Grunge" chunky book swap has just let me know that she is unable to participate due to unexpected personal issues.  I know this is very short notice now as the pages are due back to me on 31st August, but is there anyone out there who fancies the challenge of making nine pages (each with a particular theme) for this swap?  I promise you will be in for a treat with the finished book you receive back, judging by the pages I've received so far.  If it makes it any easier, I can extend the deadline by an extra week, but must restrict it to people in the UK due to the time factor.

For those already in this swap, I'm sorry for this bit of disappointment - if I can't find another person to participate, you will each be receiving one set of two pages created by the same person (if that makes sense?).  Here's pics of my latest pages, which might inspire someone to have a go:-

"Take Flight"

"The Timekeeper"

So - if anyone wants to take part, please email me ASAP - it will be a case of first come, first served - and I will send you full details of the page size, themes, etc.  You will find brief details in the sidebar on the right, but please ask, if you have any more questions.  

Now - have I tempted anyone?

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