Sunday, 1 August 2010

Update on Yesterday

Thank you, everyone, for your supportive and concerned comments about what happened to Graham yesterday.  Today, he's feeling the aches and bruising a bit more, but there don't appear to be any deeper serious physical problems and, yes, I have tried my very best to persuade him to go to the hospital or the walk-in centre even, but he's a stubborn old so-and-so and has a big fear of hospitals, so has refused point-blank ..... short of giving him a knock-out punch myself, there's no way I can get him there!  Just monitoring and keeping a watchful eye, but it's emotionally that it's hitting him now, the shock has set in, he's feeling shaky and not wanting to step outside the house right now ...... can you believe he actually said HE felt ashamed because he couldn't defend himself!!!!  Put him straight rightaway about that!  It's just going to take time to recover.

We had another call from the police today, the photos they took yesterday weren't professional enough for the courts, so someone from CID is coming along in the next few hours to take fresh ones (photographer has just turned up now as I type).  Apparently, the lovely little thug who threw the punch is appearing in court in the morning, being charged with "actual bodily harm" - he's sort of admitting it, but was trying to say that it was self-defence because Chad had a stick and that Graham approached them first!  Can you believe it?  But there are too many witnesses corroborating the truth and that that is just a pack of lies.  So let's hope he gets put away somewhere for as long as can be.  Will keep you updated!

Generally, where we live is fine, it's not a rough area, the neighbours all get along, and there's not usually any serious trouble - it's just every now and again, you get these troublemakers turning up - these weren't from round here, just happened to know someone who lives nearby unfortunately.  I hope they get all they deserve!

Right ...... well, enough of all this nastiness ...... time for something a lot more pleasant.  Today is the first of the month, so it's time for a new ATC swap ...... will go and post up details now.


  1. Your Graham and my Terry would get on just fine, neither like hospitals and need a bulldozer to get them there. So glad he seems physically ok, the rest will fade with time. I'll have a word with the 2 members of my family who deal with this every day and see what may happen to these thugs. I know what should happen!!! Just back from Lindsay's demo - it was fab. Thinking cap jumping up and down on my head re. your new swap.
    Luv Joanne xx
    X Mia hug for Graham

  2. Well, Graham has agreed to me making a doc's appt for him tomorrow, so that's progress! At least now he'll get checked over which will put my mind at rest.

    Got you down for the new swap - have fun with that thinking cap! :o) Heather x

  3. Morning Heather, I hope Graham gets on ok at the Drs, at least it'll put your mind at rest. Thinking of you both, love S xxx