Saturday, 12 July 2014

Crafty Call Out .........

......... "all suggestions gratefully received" !

Well, actually, last night I was having a "brainstorming" session with DC (the friend who's going to be doing the bronze casting) as to future items he/we could produce.  So far he's made some wax castings of a couple of Graham's bronzes, one a Reclining Pan, the other a Pirate Skull car mascot, which look to be fairly successful - some way to go yet before they're cast in bronze though, but we were discussing what else might look good in bronze and also appeal to people (the crafting community being included here).  We have a few ideas, but it would be good to get some input from others ...... so, folks, over to you ...... if you have any suggestions (I'm thinking maybe stuff for altered art, beads, focal jewellery pieces, for example) as to what might appeal to you or you would like to see in bronze, I would love to hear from you!
 "Reclining Pan" by Graham Fenn-Edwards
 The "Pirate Skull" Car Mascot (and three others)
by Graham Fenn-Edwards

Sorry the quality of this photo is a little "iffy", it's an old one that I didn't take, but it shows each of the four car mascots that Graham cast in bronze. Just a day or two ago, I was rooting around in the garage (a.k.a. Graham's "distinctly untidy" workshop) and - as seems to be the case every time I go in there - I found a new "treasure" - the dragonfly car mascot (minus wings) waiting to be polished.  It was just sitting there on the bench by the polishing machine, peeking out from behind a cloth, right at the side of the garage door, and I must have walked past it many times without spotting it (I sometimes think Graham is moving stuff around in there for me to find - the same thing happened with his bronze casting notebook, it was sat on a shelf staring me in the face and I could've sworn it hadn't been there before - maybe I've just got a vivid imagination)! Anyway, we do have the mould for the wings so this is likely to be one of the first productions when we get properly going!

"Icon for our Time" by Graham Fenn-Edwards

Thought I'd sign off today by showing you an image of this sculptural piece that Graham created a few years ago, an "altered art" piece, and which was exhibited in an art exhibition at the local Grundy Gallery.  I loved this piece but unfortunately Graham decided to give it to an acquaintance of his, he didn't want to keep hold of it for some reason, and I have absolutely no idea now where it is or what has happened to it - such a shame!

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