Monday, 28 July 2014

If you like cats, read on ........

........ It was Lindsay, my sister's, birthday weekend before last so we decided to visit Blackpool Zoo for the day (haven't been in a long time), lots of good conservation work going on, a large new building for the orang utans, a lemur wood, parrot display and many interesting and fascinating animals living there - here are jusr some of the photos from the day .......

 Tapirs - taking it easy
 Penguins - in and out of the water

 The parrots loved showing off their tricks and flying prowess !
 Tree Porcupines (Lindsay's favourites)
 Lemurs - snuggled up together asleep  ........ 
 ..... and on alert at the possibility of food

 Lindsay and I enjoyed getting up close with the lemurs 

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this gnarled old tree trunk

..... And now - for the cat lovers amongst you - a real assortment ......
Firstly, the Meerkats - who can resist them?

Secondly, not very good photos I'm afraid, taken indoors through glass - the female Amur tiger has just produced two male tiger cubs and this was one of their first appearances, courtesy of mum - she's carrying one of the cubs outside though it's very difficult to tell from these shots.  Amur tigers are very rare animals (tigers are one of my favourite animals) and I believe there are only around 450 of them left in the wild so that the birth of two babies here is highly important for their survival.

Three sleepy lions (butter wouldn't melt .....) !!!

And now, for a more domesticated sort of cat, how's this for a real cutie?
Two little kittens have been escaping from next-door through the fencing, following their mum into my backyard - this is the bolder brother (the sister, a pale white-and-tabby, is much shyer and wasn't there when I took these photos) .......
Mia has NOT been very impressed by their appearance and runs away indoors but not - as you can see - before curiosity gets the better of her and she has to check him out (from a safe distance)!
Finally, photos of Mia taken today as she sat atop one of Graham's models - the Green Man mask and Mountain Climber are also some of his creations .......

Looking magnificent, sleek and dark, and planning her next bit of mischief no doubt!

Well, that's it for tonight - just thought I'd share pictures of all the "cats" I've seen this past week or so.

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