Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Ribbit! Ribbit! ....... from a Bronze one to a Green one !

....... Look what I spotted lurking behind a flower pot yesterday - I was doing a bit of plant-watering and dead-heading when I heard some scurrying sounds, thought it was Mia messing around, looked down and there was this little green fellow, trying very hard to be invisible (sorry, Chris, I know you said you didn't like frogs so maybe you should avert your eyes now)!
I wanted to take him round to the front of the house, where the pond is, but he was having none of it, so I went indoors briefly to do something else.  When I came out again, he'd vanished .... I walked up the side of the house, intent on doing a bit of weeding, and there he was, sat in the middle of the footpath just about to hop out under the gate and onto the pavement - next stop the road! (must have had quite a speed on to get there that quickly!) - so this time, I was able to rescue him and put him by the side of the pond; moments later he'd gone again, either into the pond (full of lily pads) or into the undergrowth in search of a "tasty" snack!  

Luckily, Mia was too intent on guarding the driveway and back gates to notice Mr Frog - I'm not sure quite what she'd have made of him, probably jumped six feet backwards into the air actually, she's such a skittish nervous little madam with anything new or strange! 

Today Mia was out enjoying the sunshine and I thought I'd share these photos I took of her with her (sometime) playmate, (sometime) enemy, who lives next-door but spends many hours sunbathing and sleeping in my garden.  

It did amuse me to watch them - Mia enjoyed her superior position on top of the stone slab, but then crept down and patted her "friend" on the nose, who then stretched out and batted her back with her paw.  
After that, there was a fair bit of rolling around and stretching from both of them, before Mia finally decided she'd had enough and nonchalantly strode away! 


  1. Certainly didn't linger - zoomed straight past to see the lovely pics of Mia and friend!! Hugs, Chrisx

  2. Oooohhh...you know I'm jealous now....not even a footprint of a frog here yet! They remind me of owls....they always look grumpy too! Cute pics of Mia and "friend" Lol!