Monday, 7 July 2014

Catch Up Time!

I thought it was about time I re-surfaced in Blogland, it's over two months since I last posted .... so time for a bit of a catch-up!

I have begun going to aquarobics - not managed every week due to other commitments - but have enjoyed it when I've been there (and hopefully it's been doing me some good).  Along with upping my general activity levels and tweaking my diet, so far I've lost two and a half stone, so I'm very pleased with that - and hope to continue improving my general fitness levels.

Been to the Grand Theatre a few times - saw "The Fureys" (a really uplifting and toe-tapping, handclapping and get-up-and-dance-if-you-dare event), Agatha Christie's "Black Coffee" (first time it's been performed on stage, Robert Powell playing an excellent Hercule Poirot) and, most recently, Joe Orton's black comedy "Entertaining Mr Sloane" (something a little bit naughty and a change from the usual plays we've seen).  Later this month I'll be seeing "Jersey Nights" - this production has toured all over the USA to rave reviews and as I do like the Four Seasons' music am really looking forward to seeing it (front row seats too)!

I had been bemoaning with a friend the lack of opportunity these days to see any bands locally, remembering back in the day when anybody who was anybody in the music world appeared in Blackpool - it was an exciting time then, checking out the music mags to see who was going to be appearing at the Opera House or on the North Pier, buying tickets, hanging around stage doors for hours during the day hoping (and often being successful) to get the autographs of all the bands and singers.  Anyway, this morning my friend Brendan rang and said did I fancy going along to the Bandstand in Stanley Park as a local band that he liked (The Monster Squad - funk music) would be playing there from 1pm.  I thought, why not, nothing else planned, so that's where we ended up - enjoyed the music, free event, a good mixed crowd from families to old rockers to hippies and glorious blue skies and sunshine.  I'd forgotten how much I loved going to live gigs in the past so hopefully I can repeat the experience some time soon.  Here are some photos ......

Just arrived ---- and TMS setting up

The Monster Squad in action

The crowd appreciating the music and the sunshine

This seagull was enjoying a grandstand view!

Between sessions we were treated to a Zumba dancing display 
(which anyone brave enough could join in with - needless to say, I didn't)!

The Monster Squad ended the afternoon with Prince's "Purple Rain" - a track I really like.  Click on the link to hear their version of this at an earlier event in Blackpool.

In other news, I have been able to acquire back from a friend of ours (he was actually the best man at our wedding) one of Graham's original Demon Head Oil Lamps, probably the most important of all the bronzes he produced - I was thrilled when it came "home" as I have so few of his bronzes. It's a bit scarey-looking, but here's a couple of pics of it anyway ......

Although Graham did specialise in creating demons, imps and other strange beings, he also occasionally made other less weird pieces, like car mascots and this frog on lily pad .....

The good news is that another friend, who assisted Graham when he was casting bronzes years ago, is aiming on starting up casting bronzes again, using the equipment and moulds that I still have - hopefully, if all goes well, at some future date some of these bronzes will "live" again - I'm aiming on setting up another blog devoted to showcasing Graham's work plus giving progress and updates on how the new bronze casting venture is getting on (I shall be the lovely - or not so lovely - assistant this time) ..... having felt like I've been in a creative wilderness for so many months it feels good to be planning and thinking about producing artwork again - so fingers crossed that all goes to plan!


  1. What a thrilling new direction for that demon bronze ;)
    Take care and wish you much success
    xoxo Sioux

  2. Scary the first one may be but I find the frog one scarier!! Sorry but I just do not like frogs!! This really is good news Heather. The memories of collecting autographs sparked a memory for me too, although not in Blackpool! I used to love those 60"s bands! Chrisx