Friday, 26 March 2010

Nature's Beauty No 2

I created a second version of my "Nature's Beauty" ATC and, as promised, here are the step-by-step instructions for making your own version of this card - I've given a list of the items I used, but don't think you have to follow it exactly - use what you have in your stash and alter some of the embellishments or images.

You will need:

Card 2.5" x 3.5" for the base; paper created with a SpinArt machine, using acrylic paint or alcohol inks (or alternatively you can use some decorative paper); a vintage female image; double-sided adhesive sheet & tape; thin ribbon; 2 x paper flowers (different sizes); text and word stamps; black Archival ink; glue dot; embroidered brad; 2 x butterfly images (mine were from Crafty Individuals); Glossy Accents; Beadazzles; black pen; gold metallic rub-on; and gold Krylon pen.

(Apologies that a couple of the photos aren't as sharp as they should be - I only discovered, too late, that I'd set the camera into the wrong position)!

Step 1:  I began by taking a piece of card that I'd previously created with acrylic paints and a SpinArt machine (this is really fun to use, but messy - you need to sit it in a box whilst you're doing the spinning or you'll end up with paint and ink everywhere!  I picked mine up on EBay for a small amount of money, so worth keeping a lookout for one - car boots or charity shops might also be a good hunting ground) and adhered a portion of it to the ATC base.

Step 2:  Cover the back of the vintage female image with double-sided adhesive sheet and cut around the outline.  Decide where you will place it on the ATC (but don't stick it down yet)!

Step 3:  Using a craft knife, carefully cut slits around the hands, waist, etc, and wrap the body with some thin ribbon, threading it through the slits and securing it onto the sticky back of the image.  (A cocktail stick or pricking tool is very useful for pushing the ribbon through the slits).

Step 4:  Overstamp the larger of the two paper flowers with your text stamp, using the black Archival ink.

Step 5:  Place the flower (like a halo) behind the head of the image and when you are happy with the position of them both, stick the flower down with a glue dot, remove the peel-off backing from the image and stick that down too.

Step 6:  Stamp the smaller flower in the same way that you did with the first flower, add an embroidered (or other patterned) brad to the centre and attach to the bottom right-hand side of the card.  Add more ribbon, using double-sided tape, at an angle across the top right, and stamp the word 'Beauty' (or your choice) down the right-hand edge.

Step 7:  With your finger, smooth a little metallic gold rub-on around the card and over the flowers.  Edge the card using a gold Krylon pen.  (Add decorative paper to the back of the card to cover the brad prongs). 

"Nature's Beauty No 2"
(the finished card)
Step 8:  Cut out two butterflies and stick to the card, either side of the female image.  Cover with Glossy Accents and sprinkle a few Beadazzles along the butterfly bodies.  Use a black permanent pen to drawn in antennae.

Hope you enjoyed seeing how I created this card and will want to have a go at making your own version - let me know how you get on!


  1. Thank you for this tutorial Heather. This is the sort of inspiration I thrive on because it's the 'how to get that look' thingey that I struggle with. xx
    X Mia

  2. PS just ordered mine!!!! XX
    XX Mia

  3. Oh, you'll have some fun with it then! Glad you found the instructions useful too. Heather x